Putting picture book dummies on my website, good or bad idea?

  • Hi, I am working on updating my website. Just wondering if anyone put picture book WIPs (dummy books) in their online portfolio? Is that a good idea to show book dummies/ WIPs online if I want to pitch them to agents/publishing house later?

    I understood Dummies are encourage to show at conferences and conventions. But I do not see Dummies or PB WIPs online much, I am wondering if it is because there is something I do not understand about how Publihsing world work, or it is because artists are perfectionists in general, and feel strange to share WIPs online.

  • @xin-li I feel like the best way to show your WIP is to post it on your blog and use your online portoflio to show only your best, selected and finished work.

  • @MartaD thank you for your input 🙂

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