Portfolio WIP - Anyone going to Lightbox Expo?

  • I love the image with the cats. I love that you left the light fixtures and some of the details as pencil outlines and the flatness of some of the cats cracks me up. It's just such a playful image.

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    OMG I am a HUGE fan of your work, I LOVE the first image, all of them are great BRAVO

  • Thank you, @Jorge-Valentin I appreciate it 🙂 Yeah, I'm starting to sweat it, haha. Good news is fresh business cards are ordered and next I need to update my site. I dig your work, excited to see what you put together!

  • Thank you, @bathyscaph ! I'm happy to know thats how the image comes across, it was a fun one to make 🙂

  • @lmrush Thank you so much, Lisa! Thats very encouraging 🙂

  • I've got nothin but nice things to say, man 🙂 This all looks stunning.

    If I wanted to get nitpicky (like, SUPER nitpicky) picture 6 looks looser and less defined (I think it's because this is the one picture that a bit more zoomed in) than the rest of the pics. It's the only once that stood out to me in this way, and like I said, SUPER nitpicky.

    Have a good time at the expo!

  • I had wanted to go to lightbox expo...but, alas... I wanted to commend you on your portfolio. Applause! And, will you share your experience afterwards?

  • @Braden-Hallett, thank you! That makes sense. That piece was painted way smaller than the others. Maybe not for the expo, but I may go back and paint a larger version.

    Thank you, @Laurasketches! I'll be sure to make an update afterwards 🙂

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    @Norman-Morana oh good. I like the crow illustration and it would be neat to see that story development. 👍

  • Hey Gang! Lightbox expo is this weekend and I'm putting the last touches on my portfolio. I fly out in the morning. Wanted to share a couple new pieces I've made and a revised piece.

    This had a couple things touched up digitally, I think it brings a little more life to it.
    DailySketch_07-28-19 Watercolor_LoRes_crop.jpg

    One of the things I needed to work on was some sequential pieces, this one goes with the Crow illustration thats 1. This takes place earlier in the story before they have a run in with the crow. For the image order I want this to follow the crow one, being the new 2.
    DailySketch_08.10.19 3_LoRes.jpg

    I had so much fun with this sheep illustration, it had to go in the portfolio. I feel like it's one of my stronger pieces, so I want it in the middle, I'm going to have it follow the taco truck watercolor piece.
    DailySketch_08.14.19 4_LoRes.jpg

    This last one is part of the crow illustration series, this would be once they arrive to meet the crow. I'm having a hard time with this one. There's things I like about it, but there's something I can't quite place.

    Wanted to see what people thought and if it should go in the portfolio. I'm not sure where I would place it in the order, maybe after the other two in this series? This was laid out with the intent of being a spread. But what do you think?
    DailySketch_09.02.19 4_LoRes.jpg

    Please let me know if you think the order of these should be different. If you want to see how they feel in order, I have them up on my site. https://www.normanmoranaillustration.com

    Also!! If anyone else is going to be at Lightbox please hit me up, it would be awesome to meet someone from the forum! During the expo I'm more likely to see a message on instagram, and a link to that is in my signature.

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