What are you listening to?

  • Hi all!

    This isn't art-related, but still involving a creative field. I thought it would be lovely to hear what specific track you're all listening to at the moment - just for fun, really, and to broadcast our musical tastes, haha. I can imagine it would be pretty diverse/eclectic.

    Right now I'm listening to: Anna (Go To Him) by The Beatles.

  • I am mostly listening to some korean ost music on youtube...put my list together and repeat...I love tio listen to music while drawing, or to listen to some podcast

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    Studio Ghibli piano music on YouTube for me. There are actually a LOT of really awesome "play in the background and forget about it" instrumental playlists on YouTube. Some of them are 4+ hours long. I range from soft piano or guitar to Tropical House music. It's awesome. I highly recommend it.

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    I listen to podcasts (Three Point Perspective is my top favorite), baseball games when it’s the season, and audio books (right now “A Short History of Everything” by Bill Bryson) when I’m painting traditionally and I watch BBC mysteries when I working in Procreate. I can only listen to stuff though if I’m not in the designing phase - during that stage I have to have quiet because my brain’s not good at multitasking.

  • @animatosoor For music I've been listening to Nahko and medicine for the people a lot and whatever Spotify wanders to afterwards 🙂 and the audiobook I'm listening to is The Enchanted life by Sharon Blackie xX

  • Most of the time I actually listen to silence because music sometimes distracts me too much, but I am in a middle of photo editing so I am blasting Seether's Same Damn Life while singing like an idiot 😂

    Damn, I can't go as high as the vocalist! 😭

    Anyways, fun thread!

  • You know what I think is really sweet? That all of you have given such well thought out answers to the question in the title of this thread. I mean, in the other forums that I've been a part of in the past, this kind of thread is where people come in, drop a one-liner stating the title of the song and the artist they're listening to, and they leave. Hahah, I just love you guys, and loved reading all of these responses.

    While doing art, I have to be listening to music I'm already very familiar with, so it becomes background noise. Podcasts are fine, but if it's packed with brain-stimulating information, I just can't paint while listening to those. XD

    Hahahah @IgorWoznicki: Yay to singing like an idiot. :face_savouring_delicious_food:

    Right now I'm listening to Dan Ekis on Youtube. Not a song, but whatever. 😉

  • I listen to podcasts as well. My go tos are GastroPod (about food science, history, and socioeconomic factors of food)
    ComicLab (making comics and making a living from comics highly recommend)

  • SVS OG

    I bounce a lot between podcasts (3PP, Illustration Dept. Oately Academy), YouTube channels (Will Terry, Jake Parker, Aaron Blaise, Jason Brubaker, Bobby Chu), and music. The music gets varied quite a bit. Sometimes it's binge from 80's and 90's pop/rock to Chris Stapleton (including the namesake of this thread) or Ed Sheeran. And my wife loves to point out when I've been playing one of them for too long at a time lol.

  • Right now I'm listening to Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of the Worlds. With Richard Burton narrating the story to some really good 1970s music. I just recently discovered this album and kind of wonder how I had missed it for all these years.

  • This helps me work well, below: Battle and Belief ( film and video game music). I also listen to worship music and Celtic music, but this pushes me through a lot!


  • I love listening to Above and Beyond while drawing. Gesture Drawing and Trance Music is the greatest experience I've ever had ... proper get lost, let those gestures come alive as you lose yourself in the music!

    Do you find that music and Art together becomes like some full body creative experience? you and the pencil almost dancing together.

    It's some super deep stuff.

    Here's an example of Above & Beyond (YouTube Video)

    Play that full blast in your headphones while drawing ... it's a beautiful experience 🙂

  • I'm listening to an singer called Ezza Rose. Her song Ophelia is so haunting.

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    Podcasts (can you guess my fav?) Also audiobooks - just finished The Handmaid's Tale. When I'm in the mood for music, I listen to some Pandora stations, one with celtic/bluegrass, one with folk, and one just guitar music for when words are a distraction. Sometimes I'll play something on Youtube, like One Fantastic Week. And when I'm really struggling to concentrate, silence.

  • I'm a chronic multitasker, so when I'm chipping away at things I usually have a youtube window up with my current rabbit hole topic up....I'm addicted to Ink Master, which is silly but so intriguing to hear people in a really different line of craft talk about artistic concepts that apply across the board. I also love documentaries about aerial or circus arts! And the Try Guys are a go-to for comforting background noise. As for music, The Glitch Mob is my all-time fave....no lyrics and good beats.

    @demotlj that's a BIG mood on the designing phase! That can be a challenge if things aren't quiet.

  • I love listening to soundtracks when I'm working, at the moment I'm listening to the Stranger Things soundtrack and the Outlander soundtrack (best tv programme ever haha) 🙂

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    In general I’m all over the place. Music, YouTube, svs classes, podcasts. Audiobooks mostly. I just finished 7 audiobooks in a row from the Outlander series. I’m waiting a bit before i start the next one because Mortal Engines is about to drop in my Overdrive app and I don’t want to miss it. Lol. So I’m filling the gap with Will Terry YouTube, Comic Lab podcast (thanx @Aleksey 😜) and SVS critique vids.
    Oh PS. Sometimes I listen to movies. Shakespeare in Love, The Martian, and Passengers(the Pratt/Lawrence one) being my favorites.

  • I listen to a lot of Musicals. They are generally the same style of music all the way through and they can be pretty long. Nothing kills my creative mood more than having to pick new music after an album or playlist ends in 30 minutes. I prefer 1-3 hours of uninterrupted music that I love. Good musicals: Hadestown, Oklahoma, Bring it On, Brightstar, Heathers, Anastasia.

  • @burvantill oh wow all 7 books? I've just finished the 3rd book so got a lot to catch up on!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Most of the time my go to is Ministry. I have loved them since I was little and Al Jourgensen is still at it after all these years. Surprised he is still alive LOL. I think he is as well. The last few weeks Slipknot has been on heavy rotation due to their new album coming out in a few days and Knotfest is only a couple weeks away. Hed(pe) is another one I can always listen to.

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