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    Art by Tanner Garlick.

    This is the season of people embarking on the next step of their life journeys, graduating from high school, college, etc. In today’s episode we discuss ways you can move forward in your creative journey, discuss the need to be focused, the importance of craft, life experiences, personal projects, and sharing your work. Great advice for any recent grads or really anyone who wants to improve as an artist or person.

    Our most recent episode just dropped! We offer 5 points of advice for anyone who is studying art, just graduated, or is on the creative path, essentially this advice is for all of us. If you have a 6th point that you'd like to add, feel free to share and discuss it in this thread.
    Click here to listen. Enjoy! Thanks for making these forums such a great place!

  • And now @Jake-Parker owes @Lee-White a quarter.

  • yes, a new episode to listen to is just what I need today!

  • I always take away something useful after listening. This one, it hits on so many levels as my oldest is graduating from HS next week and there are such emotions surrounding this milestone. Thank you for putting forth the content that you do. Somehow it always comes across at just the right moment in my life.

  • I really appreciated jakes advice on “learn how to learn” as a visual person with minor dyslexia it was hard for me to learn from books so svslearn has drastically helped me.
    Speaking of accessibility needs, when are ya guys putting subtitles for those hard of hearing or deaf? (Unless you already have and I’m just spacing on that fact)

    I also think learn how to research is a big thing. Figuring out what’s happening in the world, history, science, and what matters to people (and what matters to you) will help tell more impactful stories.

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    @Sara-Hickman with interest accruing until he pays it!!!

  • @Lee-White hopefully compounded interest!

  • Thank you for reminding us that small steps are ok! I like the "to be continued" 5 pages story. Sometimes it feels that you are not skilled enough to climb the mountain but there is also a view to admire mid-hike. I will listen again to this podcast when the shade of the mountain becomes too dark!

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