Chandelier or no chandelier?

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    I’m working on my illustration of a Dancing Bison and almost have the basic values done? Before I get to the color phase and modeling, I’d love your opinion on whether to include the chandelier. I like the fact that it accentuates the idea that the room is bouncing due to the weight of the bison but it also creates a visual tangle with the background. A little of that might be alleviated when I do color but not a lot. What are your thoughts?


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    I would go with the chandelier and use it to create more drama with your lighting 👍

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    Yes, definitely with the chandelier. The lines add a strong frenetic energy and chaos. Very cute!! 🙂

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    @demotlj I think having it adds to the story, however there is to much line work up in that right corner and its making it very busy. Maybe move it up a little where maybe the candles on the top are off screen.

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    It also occurred to me that I could simplify the chandelier — a lot of the confusing lines are from the fancy arms I drew on it so I might give that a try. @Chip-Valecek suggestion of moving it some might help too.

    I’m glad you all wanted to keep it because that was my gut feeling but I don’t always trust my own opinion!

  • Yes to the chandelier. Gives great action to the piece.

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    I think you should keep it, and maybe tone down the decor behind it a bit so you can differentiate it from the background. That back wall is gorgeous so I can see why you wouldn’t want to do that, but like @Chip-Valecek said, it’s a bit busy. 👍

  • I vote Chandelier! nice work!

  • I would vote chandelier as well. But if you squint it down you really can't see the chandelier. Like @Chip-Valecek said it is getting lost. I would take his suggestion and move it but, I think I would make more of it so the lighter value comes through stronger as well.

  • The chandelier adds a lot of movement/action to this drawing. I would also say keep it, but use values later on to keep it from crowding the rest of the picture.

  • I vote chandelier, too. It really does add that motion that @animatosoor was talking about!
    And add values (contrast) like painting light reflecting on the black lines of the chandelier so that it pops a little from the background. I agree it may be a step better left for the later stages of your drawing once you've really have all of the other values of the room decided. That way you don't accidentally create too much contrast on the chandelier that it becomes the only thing you want to focus your eye on in the picture.
    You are doing a great job. I love the life in this piece and can't wait to see what it will look like when it's finished!

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    Like everyone else I would keep the chandelier. It gives a lot of movement to the painting. If you feel it gets too busy you might consider to remove the wall-candles, or maybe tone down the murals on the wall in the back..

  • I agree with everyone... chandelier in 🙂

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    I finally finished this (I think.). I left the chandelier in but simplified it and made the brackets thicker. I’m not sure I would choose these colors again for the ballroom because it was hard to get the animals, which are all shades of brown, to stand out, but I think I’m going to call it done unless you see something really obvious that I need to fix.

    Thanks for your help.


  • @demotlj Great job on this! I loved seeing how you progressed from your initial sketch. The ballroom walls almost look golden, so I think the colour choices work great there; the gold gives it a sense of grandeur. It's a very dynamic piece overall, too!

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    @animatosoor Thanks! I definitely learned a lot about how to improve my process and realized how much more I still have to learn! It was a good challenge.

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    @demotlj chandelier.

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