Technical question on large format printing

  • Hi I've got a question on printing artwork in a large format specifically a pull up banner.

    So I created an illustration for a client and they would like to use the illustration as a banner. The original artwork is roughly 300mm x 400mm at 300dpi, which is too small. I know i'll be redoing the artwork but the size of the banner to be printed is 800mm wide x 2150mm. Has anyone experience making artwork in photoshop that is this size at 300dpi. I'm wondering If working a bit smaller and bumping it up at the last stage would work. I have a feeling my laptop will struggle with such a large file format.

    I wish I did the original artwork in illustrator 😞

    I appreciate any feedback.


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    @Phil-Cullen if you know who is printing the banner, contact them or any color house/print shop and ask for the minimum resolution specifications that an image needs to be for a banner. That way you get the absolute right answer. If I remember from my color house days, banners are not as likely as posters to be a higher resolution because they are seen from further away. But don’t go by me. I’ve been out of that business for 16 years. 🙂

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    @burvantill is right, you should contact the printer if possible. Typically banners (if they are vinyl) are printed at a reduced size. Banners that are printed on paper are typically printed at full resolution (300ppi). So it depends on what the output material will be.

  • Thank you @burvantill and @Lee-White for the advice.

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    @Lee-White I like it when you tell me I’m right. 😜🤣🤣🤣

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