"Love" and possible shirt

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    I finished my piece for Love this month and though, maybe this would make for a nice shirt design. I have to thank @Whitney-Simms for the idea. She really seems to nail were an artist should market their work.

    Here is the main design:


    t-shirt mock up:


    As worn by top models LOL:


    What do you all think?

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    @Chip-Valecek its super strong! Love it. I can totally see those honeymooners that go to Disney and wear the Mickey ears wearing this shirt! And tons of other people too. It’s a really great design and concept. When you make stuff you want to wear (or use in some degree) it shows! To me this is your strongest entry i can remember off the top of my head. And the dofenshermts dental chair thing, amazing. You can totally tell stories in this style.

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    I like how it looks in the black πŸ‘

  • Wow. That looks really good on a Tshirt!

  • Really cool shirt

  • @Chip-Valecek I don't know why you outlined the figures in a white border, its quite distracting. The background is also lazily executed. The majority of the issues can be solved in the early stages of developing the idea. As for making it a t-shirt, I wouldn't order too many in stock, I just don't think theres a huge market for this.

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    @Ben-Migliore uh. That made me feel uncomfortable. And I don’t share your opinion. But all is well! There when the Oreo theory, right. Geez.

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    @Ben-Migliore I'm not really sure why you came off as you did. There is a certain way to critique someone vs just blasting their work. You can voice your opinion in a more positive way. Like instead of saying "I don't know why you outlined the figures its quite distracting" you could have just said "You should try it without and see how it looks." Or "You can try to add this or that to the background" Or even don't go and get shirts cause theirs no market for this.

    First off, I actually worked very hard on this. I did take my time and experiment with different brushes on the background. I personally like the white border and the style I am trying to achieve here. And I plan to continue to grow it and share it with fellow artists that also want to grow and share their positive opinion with each other.

    I have been on these forums and with SVS over 4 years now. Never has anyone come into any thread and blast the artist on their work. Its really sad to hear this after working so passionately on something.

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    I personally really like that art--it's perfect on a t-shirt! Pops in all the right places, and it reads clearly from a distance. Nicely done!! You gotta find a Halloween company, Chip. Seriously, somewhere there's gotta be a company "dying" for this! <yark yark yark> πŸ˜„

  • @Chip-Valecek If criticism isn't constructive then don't listen to it I say! This forum is full of great artists who support each other in every way with positive and fair feedback, even if they're a beginner or a professional!
    Keep going with your art πŸ™‚

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    @Ben-Migliore I am glad a few other people also responded to your critique because I too, felt that it was more of an attack on the artist than a critique on the art. One thing I have enjoyed about this forum is how willing people are to accept styles that may not be their own, and how they direct their critiques as suggestions rather than universal statements of right and wrong . You may not have intended your comment to feel dismissive, but that is certainly how it came off. In the future, instead of saying something like, "The background is lazily executed" which makes a negative statement about the artist's character you should say something like, "I would like more detail in the background." I would suggest that in future comments you try to focus on the art not the artist, avoid assuming that you know the artist's process, and recognize that your tastes are not universal. Learning how to give a helpful critique is an important skill to develop.

  • @Chip-Valecek such a creative take on the prompt and the shirt is too good!

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    I love it

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    Haha I could imagine that selling πŸ‘

  • Hahaha I love this! As well as on a shirt! Actually I think it's perfect for a shirt β™₯

  • @Ben-Migliore Hmmm I am sure you don't mean it the way you type but the words you say are pretty harsh to be honest. Art is in the eye of the beholder right?

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    Update, I have the shirt being printed now as well as a different design I did during inktober. As soon as it comes in I will show you all the actually shirt.

  • If anyone needs convincing as to how positive and supportive this community is, just read through this thread. Amazing.

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    ::Another Update:: I received my test shirts on Friday and I am 110% pleased with how they turned out. If you follow me on Instagram or friends on Facebook you might have saw pictures. If not here they are:


    I also added some more designs into my shop. I have been picking some that received the most likes on social media. Now the hard part, promoting and getting people to buy them.

    Here is the link to the shop: https://cshellmedia.threadless.com/

    Please let me know what you all think. What are the best ways to promote without feeling like you are spamming people on social media?

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    @Chip-Valecek I think it is awesome that you are putting these on T-shirts. Do you mind if I ask why you picked the company you went though and how you like the quality? I've been doing a lot of research into print-on-demand companies and I'm curious what you picked!

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