Our SVS Virtual Studio 2019!

  • My favorite fast food meal. Lol


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    Work in progress. My raccoon picture that I drew for the collaboration project with @kaitlinmakes. I wanted to finish my own version for my portfolio. I haven’t seen Kaitlin’s version yet. I’m looking forward to seeing how different they are.

  • Morning character prompts. Gonna make it part of my morning warm up routine.

    alt text

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    I’m done! My first new addition to my 2019 portfolio revamp.

  • SVS OG

    Been working on teaching myself vector art (Affinity Design for iPad). Made myself a new logo DF505F02-9F39-4011-8CEB-AB97B1B2FD8F.jpeg

    And also been doing some designs for products including these journals.


    Set up a Redbubble store - just to see what that’s all about. Www.redbubble.com/people/artizium
    Hoping to get back to SVS contests soon.

  • Sometimes morning prompts yield dnd characters 🙂

    alt text

  • Just working on line work now. Traditional hand is easier right now than my Digital hand but I will change that. I got some nice straight lines a few times. 🙂

    Line Drawing February 26th 2019.jpg

  • I'm working on a commission piece, caricature of a little boy that loves to pretend he's Spider-Man. Also, I'm making ACEO cards, random ideas like "Teen Zombie", "Night Fishing", etc, etc.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Didn't wanna do real work. Painted the sketch 🙂

    alt text

  • I decided to play around in the #marchofrobots theme today. This was a bit of fun. What do you think this big guys story is?

    large robot - good.jpg

  • When I have a rough time with art I jump back to realism. Still a lot of work to do on this one but it's very therapeutic. Loving everyone's stuff! 👍

  • @Nathan I think these look awesome. I particularly enjoy the one with trees along a sidewalk, the lighting does it for me. Well done.

  • been Trying to figure out what tangible things I can produce, while working on my line drawing skills with pen and ink. This was a brushpen then colored on procreate. I ordered a bunch of postcards of this. Gonna try and sell them at a local comic shop. For those DnD fans out there.

  • This week I've been stressing myself out with getting my portfolio ready for my first SCBWI event. To help with the stress 🤔 I put my hat in the ring to participate with local artists in an outdoor piano painting exhibit. Have you even heard of this?? I guess it's a thing. Anyway I've been selected to present my concept for the final selections. (I'm 1 of 10 artists submitting, and they will pick 8 to actually paint)

    Here is what I came up with... I did two concepts (You see I've got 3 year old twins. One is a boy, one is a girl)

    What's your vote??Music Monster Small.jpg Magic Piano Sm.jpg

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    @artwithashley fun! Music monster!😃

  • IMG_20190301_234725_593.jpg we are doing Gustav Klimt style masterworks. Here is my take on it. WIP meditating knight.

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    @chrisaakins This is cool. I like Klimt. Are you using gold leaf? You HAVE to use gold. 😜

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    I finished my draw 50 things challenge. I was VERY unhappy with my watercolor. After taking it into photoshop and TWEAKING it immensely, I am now happy to say I'm done. Finished not perfect! I'm gonna do it again though. I can do better, is what I'm franticly chanting in my head right now. I'm going to share my before and after photoshop. Just so you understand...Or I could just be behaving like a typical artist who hates their own art. Sorry for the rant, it's past my bedtime 😜.
    50ThingsSelfPortrait wc.jpg

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    Third posting in this thread--I'm trying to repeat what I'm working on each month on the 2nd. It's quite a random bunch of stuff...Hehe... I just completed this piece as an experiment with some new Procreate brushes I got from Uproot.shop made by an Australian woman named who goes by Abbie Nurse, and who makes THE best Procreate brushes I've ever EVER worked with. I am a HUGE fan of all her stuff, and when I need a brush of my own I just adjust the settings and maybe pop in a new brush tip or texture and it's completely different!! She's amazing.

    But here's my project made by experimenting with her new Nostalgic Illustration brushes and I. am. in. love. with them. This is based an old stuffed toy I have that I grew up with. It has seen better days, but I love it so. I still have it (it has to be around 40 years old now).


  • @burvantill I love this piece-both the before and after. The watercolor is more subtle-and I can see that the lighting/glow was a challenge. Of course digitally it's possible to tweak, and the adjustments you did look great.
    I had it on my learning schedule for the year to do this in February--but i have not completed the Creative Composition class yet--and that's a strong recommendation to learn first. I think your composition is well balanced. I think the two large monsters on the sides balance each other by having similar size, but appreciably different colors that make them each strong, but they don't overpower the small well-lit artist. Well-done!

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