Let’s inspire each other! 2019 Goals

  • I am setting up my 2019 bullet journal and would like to be more intentional this year about what I’m doing to do to improve my art and storytelling because if I don’t set goals, I am like a chicken with no head. Does anyone have any specific actions they are planning to take? I want to do more SVS prompts this year. I was re-listening to the 3 Point Perspective podcast about filling your creative bank account and liked the idea of coming up with 10 new ideas a day (might try that for a month and see what happens) and reading 3 books at one time. I would love to hear everyone’s ideas.

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    @kristin-wauson I haven't even thought about any goals for 2019. I guess one would be to finish my 100 horror paintings. As far as personal goals, I will stick with the same I set every year.... Stop drinking beer (who am I kidding that won't last past the first day LOL).

  • Hahaha! You have to start small. Like for me, I started with, “no wine until after the school bus comes.” Then I graduated to “wine only on weekends and days that I deem to be special occasions (i.e. Thursdays).” Moderation in all things 🙂

  • Haha You guys are great I love this. I’m gonna try to do shopping and cooking more frequently and order less from seamless. I have a webcomic ide i wanna do as a fun simple story and also would be a good way to practice and find more followers. I’d also like to start (and see how far I can get) my dnd project where I do my own versions of all the monsters in the monster manual alphabetically. I’d also like to get some paid gigs.

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    I’m planning to create 2 portfolio pieces every month next year. Nothing too complex. I am, however, aiming to be represented by an agent next year. Wish me luck!

  • I am going to try and do more Home baking and lose weight (I just realised these two goals do not really go together hehe) On the artside I would to try and build up a watercolour or gouache portfolio as I am starting to lose interest in digtial painting.Actually any type of portfolio would be an improvement.

  • My goal is to add 1-2 portfolio pieces per month using traditional printmaking techniques AND complete another example book fully illustrated (either an illustrated poem or fairy tale).

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    I'm aiming for 100000 subs on YouTube and launching my own brand of art materials. Aiming high in 2019 😁

  • I have such a push pull relationship with goals, on one hand I want to make them and hope that they motivate me to better things, but on the other hand, there is this part of me that fights it! Does anyone else have this?

    That being said, I have 2 goals which are not dissimilar from other people's

    1. To build up a portfolio of work (first step is to define what kind of work I want to work toward and stay focused)
    2. Create some short comics / visual narrative pieces.

    On one hand it seems so modest, but I know even that will be a challenge!

    Here's to everyone realizing their goals in 2019!

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    I was going to post mine. Thanks for starting the thread.
    1- do one svs class a month and do a full painting using what I learned.
    a- tackle the dreaded background. I’m terrified and hope to try it more this year.
    b- relearn how to create volume. I improved on drawing in 2018. Time where I can take another step.

    2- master study a few artists throughout the year.

    3- do one craft fair. Probably strawberry festival in May.

    4- continue to create more little collections. They make me happy and I can use them for cards.

    ——at some point I need a pretty website. Not sure when I’ll pull the trigger on that one. I also want to approach a few stores to sell my cards and original 5x7 paintings. Maybe sell more notecards? But these are goals that I’m not sure I’ll stick to. Eh.

    Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to see your work!

  • I’m looking to complete another 3 or 4 books next year; write and illustrate at least two of my own; and start school visits up in this area. (I’ve been a full time professional schools worker for a couple of decades, so seems silly not to capitalise on the experience!)

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    Oh the dreaded goals...@robgale, I'm sort of like you. I think goals are a great idea, but I totally fight the restrictions that goals place. It's like part of me is afraid I'm focusing on the wrong goal and missing out on something else that would be better. I end up working on three different things, and not doing any of them very well.

    I'm trying to keep in mind a saying - something like, if you chase two rabbits at the same time, both will escape.

    So, for me, making some decisions (goals) is my goal! I've got to stop wasting time with indecision and excuses, go ahead and keep making art. Avoid getting sidetracked with other stuff.

    A good second goal is to change my mindset. Expect that I'll make some awful images along the way, and remember that it's all a learning process. Stop getting stuck with the negative self talk over every bad painting, and keep trying to improve.

  • @kat "if you chase two rabbits at the same time, both will escape." What a great line, I'm going to hang on to that one too!

  • Try to use my free time to improve my drawing skill (aim to complete all SVS courses before end of the year) and to be more clear to myself about goals... Keep It Simple Stupid 😃 wish you all the best 🙂

  • I went for three tangible, attainable goals, and three lifestyle changes for this year:

    Tangible goals:
    1.) Get the webcomic that my wife is writing up and running
    2.) Finish inking the horror comic that we've been working on (pencils are done, I've just been lazy lol)
    3.) Write a short story

    Lifestyle goals:
    1.) Find more time for meditation and spirituality
    2.) Be healthier (diet, exercise, stress management)
    3.) Improve artistically

    All of which is very attainable in 365 days 😃

    Good luck to everyone else on their goals! You've got the time, you've got the desire, just put the focus in and you can do it! Remember to say "no"! Sometimes you have to say no to things that distract you from your goals. It isn't always the fun choice, but if it's taking you away from what you want to achieve, say no! 😃


  • These are my goals-

    • Continue taking SVS classes
    • Finally try watercolor (it looks so lovely!)
    • Try an illustration project more along the lines of sequential art and see if I like it
    • Start putting my projects and things on social media

  • It’s great to see everyone’s goals! It took me a really long time to come up with my own, but I finally got my act together. I’m not including education/svs classes because I am already obsessed with online learning so it’s not something I have to challenge myself to do. I’m always watching something on SVS and I’m signed up for a class on Historical and Nonfiction Illustration with Erin McGuire that starts 1/14.

    I’ve been reading up on the idea of the twelve week year where you ignore the calendar year and plan your goals out over a 12 week period. I’m going to give that a shot, so here are my goals for the first 12 weeks of this year.

    1.) Create an entirely new portfolio for SCBWI Austin Conference by April (that’s at least 12 new illustrations with no repeats from last year if I can help it).
    2.) Participate in SVS monthly contests and post for feedback in the forums.
    3.) Finish my book dummy for SCBWI Austin Conference.
    4.) Submit to agents (I’m thinking one per week) and send postcards on a schedule (4x this year).
    5.) Work on my writing even if it’s only 10 minutes a day.
    6.) Maintain my daily yoga practice.

    I’m definitely biting off more than I can chew and my illustration class will probably derail some of these, but I like to aim high.

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    It took me a long time to figure it out as well! Career wise things are going well for me, but I'm working too much and don't have enough balance in my life. This year my goals will be:

    • Try to become more efficient, waste less time
    • Take frequent breaks
    • Exercise regularly (no "I'm too busy" excuses!!)
    • Eat well
    • Spend more time with my fiancé
    • Try not to get too stressed out when my to-do list is piling up fast

  • -I signed myself up for a "SmartSchool" illustration class that I've had my eye on for years. Excited for it.
    -I'm looking at whether I'm ready to settle back in the states. If so I have a lot of career work/job search to do. I'm not expecting to be a full time illustrator. I still love my engineering work too.
    -I also have some big health goals. I'm recovering from a knee surgery now and want to get more range of motion and defeat the nagging limp I have.

    None are really new years resolutions. Just my current foci.

  • @thiskatecreates oh Ive heard great things about Smartschool. Please report back and share your progress! Good luck.

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