The Life Cycle of a Children's Book

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    Art by Tanner Garlick

    Have you ever wondered what happens before an illustrator is offered a book project, or what happens after of the illustrations are complete? There is a lot more to illustrating a children's book than just drawing and painting. In this episode we will go through the whole process of how a story goes from an idea all the way to a finished book, and what it does all along the way. We'll also cover some of the nitty gritty such as how advances work and other practical details in the process.

    Our latest episode just launched! Check it out here.
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    Oooh! A new one! I’ll check this out immediately.

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    I thought it was “F&Gs” not “FNGs”...? For books that are “folded and gathered” but not yet bound. Right?

  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    @sarah-luann That is corrrect

  • @jake-parker thanks for putting the time and effort in with the podcasts. I’ve just discovered them.
    It’s really useful listening to you guys have a light hearted chat about the ins and outs of the trade. It lets us all know what’s normal and what to expect and what to push for. I’ve subscribed for any future episodes and will listen through your previous stuff. Definitely useful info and research for aspiring illustrators 👍

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    @Jake-Parker @Lee-White @Will-Terry Regarding the opening comments; It’s an eye opener to see that even the pros have insecurities and compare themselves to others. If we think about always trying to improve I guess that part of it will never go away. I’m glad you three are so open about it all. Thanx for keeping it real!

  • Very cool as always! Thank you !
    Also I have to say I absolutely LOVE how you guys tease each other :,D I love your sense of humor and how lighthearted yet informative these conversations are. :))

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