Feedback on my work?

  • Hello, I have been drawing on and off my whole life but just started to get really into it after my son was born. I post in art in all the normal places but find it hard to get good honest feedback.

    You can see that I have changed some things over the course of these drawings as I'm very new to colour and shading as I used to only do line work.




  • I cant figure out how to post pictures and it's not letting me edit the original.

    Can someone just delete this and I'll just go to bed instead 😥

  • Don't worry, Craig! I couldn't figure it out at first either. I've seen many people on this forum ask about how to post photos...

    First of all, make sure the file size is small enough. 1200 pixels on the longest side will work. (Though I think you can go larger at times and be fine)

    The cloud icon with the arrow, or the arrow from the rectangle, both work for me for uploading images, but on my phone I have to manually scroll the icon bar to the right to see these icons. It may be more intuitive on a computer, but I'm not sure.

    The image isn't finished loading until the end of the file name looks something like this...
    If the file name still says "100%" at the end, keep waiting for the name to change again to the long string of numbers before posting.

    I hope this is helpful. Maybe you've already tried all of this, in which case someone else may be able to help you figure it out, since it would be awesome to see your work!

  • @craig-imrie Please try again. Everyone has trouble with posting on this forum at first! 😉

  • 0_1542163367825_Untitled_Artwork(30).jpg



  • @kathrynadebayo thank you so much, I was sure to just give up. I'm also on my phone didn't realise you could scroll that bar.

  • SVS OG

    You have great inking skills! Your colors are also cool. I really though Jake made this post when I saw your pieces. Good job.

  • @nyrrylcadiz Haha he is a massive inspiration to me, the reason I joined SVS but think I still have a long way to go before I'm that level.

  • SVS OG

    These are really nice!

  • These are amazing, I want to try and give some constructive feedback but honestly, I just can't stop thinking about how awesome these are.

    If I am to add any sort of constructive feedback it might be that some of the robots have parts that are together with that "floating" affect? I don't know what to call it but I'm just looking at some of the pieces that aren't connected and while it's very cool and works well with the art, I think a way to improve could be to figure out how to actually connect the parts mechanically. But I know as well that the future tech fantasy has that sort of magnetism going on to hold parts together so it also works!

    But I just wanted to say that as a way to improve technically with your style later on. But it's all super amazing and hope to see more from you in the future!

  • @lauraa thank you

  • @jason-kilthau thanks for the feedback, I used to draw everything and spent loads of them working out "how it all worked" but somewhere along the line I decided to just go with what looks/feels fun to draw.
    I'm also currently working on a wee web comic and did feel I needed to explain it in that, so (if I ever do get round to finishing it) that will have my made up science in it too 😁

  • @craig-imrie
    All these pieces are amazing! Love your style and your line weight. It's all very cohesive and really well done.

    Critique on the coverpage with the robo-dogs: background color is a bit too dark; i'd try lightening it a bit, so your characters pop off the page a little more. Also, I can't read the title, so maybe the lettering should be slightly less abstract. For the Artillery piece, similar issues with the background being too similar in value to the foreground. I'd darken the robot a bit, and slightly lower the top half of the background.

  • @jcantwellart thank you, I really struggle with backgrounds and colours and will take these on board and give it a bash.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    These are pretty amazing!

  • @craig-imrie Same. I spent so much time drawing in ballpoint and never bothering to color my stuff, that color and values are my weakness. I've already come a long way just from taking some of these SVS courses.

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