Possible dumb question about Photoshop brushes.

  • I'm trying to mimic a traditional watercolor look in Photoshop, so I've downloaded a nice brush set from Creative Market. But when I open them they act more like stamps instead of a smooth, continuous flowing brush. When you purchase one of these sets, do you then modify them in the Brush window (changing the scattering, jitter, etc.)? Is anyone willing to share what their favorite Brush settings are for a basic watercolor brush?

  • The stamping is controlled by the spacing of the brush the lower the % the less space between stamps. Open up your brush setting and look under brush tip shape

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    Yes, most downloaded brush need tampering with in the settings to work properly. However, if you expect watercolor behavior, nothing is closer to it than Kyle Webster´s watercolor brushes - which are included in the CC subscription. Do you have CC?

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    Was coming here to suggest Kyle Webster's brushes as well! A few years ago I bought his watercolor set for my graduation movie project and was soooo pleased! So when I wanted pastel brushes I went hunting for his gumroad store, only to discover Kyle got hired by Adobe and now makes brushes for them which you can download for free with your CC subscription! He has a large collection of wet media brushes and I do mean large, so there's actually a good change you may find something that's exactly as you want and won't have to tweak it. Some of his brushes act like stamps but not all, he has washes and detail brushes as well. He even has colorless water mixers 🙂 It's awesome!

  • @smceccarelli Unfortunately, no. I have CS5 and I think his brushes are only on CC.

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    Great question. Can we buy Kyle Webster’s brushes or are they only available through CC?

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    @burvantill I do think they’re only available via CC now. Kyle has made an arrangement with Adobe, I think, and his brushes are not available outside of the Adobe suite anymore.
    It´s a shame.
    There’s a lot of people who sell really good brushes (for example Aaron Blaise), but yes, they all need to be adjusted in the settings panel. I think there is a course here on SVS about creating custom brushes that explains how the settings work...but it can really be knacked with some experimenting.
    Kyle´s brushes are different because they are actually “tool presets”, not simple brushes. They behave in pretty unique ways sometimes, which I have no idea how to re-create with settings adjustements. I think Kyle must use more than what is in the settings panels, somehow.

  • The Aaron Blaise wet media brushes are some of the best (paid for) watercolour brushes for Photoshop I've found. They work with the newer Photoshop and older (I'm on CS3). I don't use cc either so I can't use the Kyle brushes, but there are ways to get watercolour looks with other brushes, layer blend modes and actions.
    There are lots of free brushes you could try on Deviant Art as well: https://www.deviantart.com/resources/applications/psbrushes/popular-all-time/?q=watercolor&offset=0
    I've got a brush set on my Gumroad if anyone is after trad media looking brushes. https://gumroad.com/l/MGfgW They are a set of brushes I've collected in my travels on the internet and some I've made. (use code FREEBIE to get them free- gumroad wouldn't let me put the price at 0 because they are over 25MB)

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    @Christine-Garner & @smceccarelli
    Thankyou for the information!

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