SVS does Inktober 2018

  • So I’m making this story about a bunny named Wilbur and today I realized that Wilbur is a carnivore. 😱 And here I was thinking I knew my character...

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    Thomas created his own game of hide and seek by vigorously throwing his food around the house. On those rare occasions I would vacuum under the couch I would find upwards of 10 pieces of dog food under it.

  • @burvantill he sounds like my children! But instead of dog food I find lego’s, Barbie heads and arms (dunno where the rest went. No we don’t own a dog), socks, popcorn, candy wrappers and those dear markers that my daughter was throwing a fit over at her brother because he looked at them... 🙄

  • @crud42 fun is what matters. And sometimes you’ll have brilliant days and some less brilliant ( I call those learning days). I still like your drawing 🤗

  • @robgale omg that’s me after five minutes in the sun! (While wearing sunfactor 50...)

  • Day 3: Roasted. I was struggling with this one so much until this month's SVS prompt came along! What a helpful dragon.

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    @heather-boyd Dart frogs?

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    Here are my first three days. The overall theme is a story with four children adventuring around space. I'm thinking of calling it Kid Cosmonauts.

    DAY ONE: POISONOUS - Meet the Clementes. These four children are traveling the cosmos. The first thing they must do in a new world is see if the atmosphere is poisonous. Isa analyzes the soil. Netty watches after baby genius Mikey. JoJo charges the air to see if there are any bad reactions.

    DAY TWO: TRANQUIL - The day was long, but when dusk approached, the Clementes found the most tranquil site overlooking a valley. Views like these were constant reminders of the wonders of the Galaxy.

    DAY THREE: ROASTED - The crew met some of the natives, and were introduced to some, shall we say, interesting cuisine, like the Arturtlian roasted bujumbo seeds.”⁣⁣⁣⁣
    0_1538621495214_32BC7E90-02D4-47FA-90B3-B87541F01862.jpeg !

  • @theemkat Love that ! 😊

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    Day 4 outdoor sketching. Though the wind makes it hard to keep the sketchbook open! 20 knots today (ca 23 m/h).


  • @jaepereira You have a great thing going here! I can't wait to see how your story unfolds. Love your perspective work too!

  • Here are my first three days of Inktober. Day two was a huge learning moment because it was not really my inking day or something. My lines were wobbly and placed on lines which actually had the "erase-me" categorie. All in all, not a drawing to be proud.

    What I realize from doing Inktober with all the rest of the world, is how I compare my work to others. I have to keep on reminding myself that I am just a beginner, still studying art in my own time while the other much better artists have been practising this for years. That's why I was reluctant at first of putting up my inktober pieces here but then this morning I thought to myself that I need to open my windows if I want to get better.

    I walked with this idea in my head for weeks before inktober started only to realize as I was going poisonous, that my hand took me on a whole different path. I love that about art. That it can do that to you.

    So my story is about a character named Wilbur and the adventures he experiences while living his every day life in a time long ago on the planet Denqui.


  • @sas I'm glad you decided to share. It doesn't matter how experienced you are, someone will always be a slightly ahead of you but that is a great thing because it keeps us motivated to improve our skills, our techniques or our storytelling.
    Looking forward to see all your 31 drawings.

  • @burvantill so cool! It's nice you are putting memories of your lovely dog on paper. Good luck to keep the great work through October! 🙂

  • @mf-james Thank you for your kind and uplifting words 🙂

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    Day 4: spelling was not her strongest skill aka the trouble with ink 😕0_1538657270396_25581E8C-3C5F-4D4A-8B56-32E9EE00CA5F.jpeg

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    Day 4 - Adventure

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    I’m curious how many of you sketch with pencil before you ink? I do. My training wheels are welded on. Hee hee.

  • Day 4: Spell! Cletus the Camelid Wizard has a very unique method to casting his spells.


  • @burvantill I have every day sketched out in pencil already. It makes it a lot easier to keep up the pace and concentrate on inking.

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