Fall WIP - Hipster Bear

  • When you spend days doing thumbnails of an idea and then out of the blue a completely different idea comes in and thats what you go with. Anyway, here is some process steps. Still working on getting the local color in place but is there anything that needs to be fixed?


  • @chip-valecek Cool. Great progress. Your character looks a bit flat. Not sure if that is intentional but I marked up your character if you don't mind. Is he looking at the leaves falling? I feel something in the upper left corner is needed to balance him. I am not confident in commenting on color but it has a nice autumn palette. Looking forward to seeing this finalized.

    0_1537142232548_1537137566683-process copy.jpg

  • @nasvikdraws great feedback, thanks. I will make those changes.

  • I would try and balance your color choices a bit more, especially in regards to the brown bear on a brown log as part begin to marge or become lost, such as the hand holding the cup. I am also wondering about what the narrative of the piece is, at the moment I read it as a bear who is also a lumberjack, on his work break, looking at something in the distance. If it is part of a set it may make better sense but as a singular image I don't feel like the image is offering much to the viewer.

  • @gary-wilkinson I ran into the same issue with the color of the character with the color of a tree in one of my other pieces. What is a solution to something like that? I don't want a crazy color bear, do I lighten the tree color so the bear pops more?

    The story is just a bear enjoying the fall day. He is watching the leaves fall around him. I just haven't painted any of those yet.

  • @chip-valecek You can make subtle changes so that the colors stand out from each other even though it's still brown on brown. If it were me I'd make the bear a little redder, a little less saturated and a little darker. Then I'd add some bright yellow-ish lighting on top of the log, and some shading on the bear's bum.

  • Just my thoughts on your question. Trees have green and grey and dirty brown trunks sometimes Redish sometimes silver... choose your tree to fit your scene 😉

  • Wow, I love the character design on this! His expression makes me laugh. He looks really entraptured by fall- just like me! I find myself agreeing with what has already been pointed out by everyone, so I don't have to much to add.

    As far as the storytelling aspect, I think @Gary-Wilkinson has a point. I think that maybe adding a leaf to his hand might be a quick solution to this problem, though I'd recommend changing the position of his hand completely. Then he looks like he is really engaged with his environment and it will suit is expression of wonder.

  • I like it!

    The expression the bear is just perfectly hipster.

  • @chip-valecek you could go grey on the tree. If you think about, with the exception of pines most trunks aren't really brown anyway.

  • I made the changes to the bear and put done all my local color. Onto my favorite part... lights and shadows.


  • @chip-valecek The wood or trees look on the cool side. The bear and the leaves are warm. I like a red wood or deep dark wood. It might bring some more warmth to those areas. I feel that because your bush leaves have all changed and still on (mid to late fall) your green grass is a harsh summer contrast. Either add some green to your bushes or lessen the intensity of the green grass. And one last thing I noticed, the leaf your bear is holding is orange with a noticeable brown stem (if that's the term) while all other leaves stay consistent. I hope I am making sense, lols.

  • Here is my final submitted piece.


  • @Chip-Valecek That looks great, Chip! You really pushed this to the next level, great work!

  • @chip-valecek Love how he turned out! Well done

  • @chip-valecek , love how it turned out. Especially the light coming through the trees!

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