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    After some serious rounds of voting by you guys, here are the winners. Great job everyone! I loved watching the images change places as different ones were voted up!

    Here's the winners!:

    1st Place: Braden Hallett (@Art-of-B)

    This one hit the top spot early in the voting and never let up. This image shows how technique and story can work so well togetehr. We have three characters in a scene all reacting in different ways to the same thing. Seeing a kid totally going for it on the trumpet and his parents dealing with it in their own ways is awesome. Nice line work and controlled values make this one a treat to look at. Nice work Brandon!


    2nd Place: Adam J Hall (@LongJeff)

    I LOVE the color palette in this image. Adam really nailed the feelign with the warm hues draped over the local colors. This is exactly how to handle a tricky lighting situation. Let the dominant light source override the local colors, but still allow them to show through the color cast a little bit so it's not a monochrome image. The calmness of the character sitting and listening to his old record player is awesome. Then, after you look at it a while you notice the more subtle story of the man's IV and that he might be sick and the music is what helps him get through it. So good!

    3rd Place: Andina Subarja

    Wow, this image blows me away. The vintage styling and color palette are so sweet and I think this image is so lovely. This would make a good print to sell. I guarantee it would do well. I'd like to see a series like this from Andina. Great portfolio level work here!


    Ok guys, that is it for this month. Thanks for taking the time to vote and put up with the less than perfect forum formatting! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the "Fall" theme. : )


  • wow, they all great! congrats for all the winners! 😃

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    Great job, guys! Congratulations!

  • Loved this month's theme and it was interesting to have a different method of selection this time. It was so hard to pick just 3 favorites (I may have cheated and chosen 4. Oops).

    Congrats to the winners! You made super strong, memorable pieces.

  • These are all remarkable pieces, as were all submissions. Such a great and inspiring community! Congrats to the winners.

  • It was so difficult to choose just 3! Congrats to the winners and so many of the entries that were beautiful, thought-provoking and entertaining.

    P.S. I really appreciate @Miriam’s tip on how to change settings to limit images per page and prevent constant reloading. That makes visits to the forum much less frustrating.

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    Congrats everyone, really strong pieces this month!

  • Loved this month's competition and the result. Congrats to all!

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    Congrats to all! Well deserved

  • Great work from everyone! I didn't see Adam's piece as I was looking through the images, but I would have given it my vote as well if I did 😃

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    This was tourturouse to vote. We help each other out with our pieces. Now you’re making us vote. It was hard. There were many many strong pieces that I had become attached to.

    That being said, I absolutely love the winning pieces. The trumbone player is just freaking awesome. Love the characters and how well they were developed. I feel like we know exactly who they are in the image. Such personalities! The record player man. Just a sweet guy. Someone who is just moved by his music. It just soothes his heavy heart. You can help but want to bring him a casserole and have your kids draw pictures for him. And then the adorable little girl with her tropical friends. I want to live in her world. The coloring and plant life and just terrific. I want to read her whole book! So get to work. We need to see her story!

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    Congratulations, fantastic work!

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    I'm so inspired by these winning illustrations, and such different styles and concepts. Congratulations @Art-of-B, @LongJeff, and Andina Subarja. Your work is amazing.

  • Wow. Thanks a lot, everyone. Very honoured to have scored second place. Congrats to the other winners and everyone involved! Fantastic submissions last month. Now how do I go about claiming...?

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    Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who joined!

  • @johanna-kim Thank you very much. 🙂

  • Music must be a the universal language, since there were so many entries for the topic! So fun to see everyone's interpretations and styles. Congratulations!

  • Oh wow! Thanks everyone for the votes!

    Awesome submissions from everyone all 'round!

  • Thank you everyone for the vote 😃 really appreciate it. GBU all.

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