FALL WIP (Squirrel)

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    Hey peeps, I’m gonna show my progress on this one for the Fall theme compitition. It’s a drawing from a little world I made up, where me and my friends are all small animals. This is a concept I’ve been working on for several years, but just recently have been doing drawing studies on. Would love to know what you all think throughout this process.

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    Update, I’m really trying to work with my perspectives, I feel that is something I need to work on more. Any tips or suggestions on how this one looks perspectivly? Any other crits welcome too!

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    @squirrelsize the animals that are pulling the carriage need to be flipped. The bigger one should be on the left since that is closer to the viewer. If I ever have questions on something should look, even if its made up, I google for reference. If you google "horse drawn carriage" you will get a good idea on the perspective of the wagon and how the wheels should look.

    What small animal are you?

  • @chip-valecek Wow, would not have thought of putting the bigger animal closer to the viewer, great idea! The wheels seem to be hard for me to get. I reckon I need to do some googling on Google for horse drawn carriages/wagons and check out some wheels!
    I'm the Squirrel and the Chihuahua is a really good friend from college. I actually got the nick name Squirrel from college, because of my habit to hide snacks in all my art classes.

  • Really cool so far!

    As for perspective, you're doing a few things well that are adding to depth. You're laying object to create the illusion of depth (goats in front of wagon, people in front of wagon, wagon in front of horizon line). Since there's no real defined vanishing point, it works.

    If you wanted to exaggerate perspective you could pick two vanishing points and put the wagon on two point perspective. In this case, I think it works fine as is. It doesn't look wonky, if you get what I mean.

    Is it in perfect perspective? No. Does it need to be? Also no.

    Looking forward to the progress 🙂

  • @art-of-b Dude, super good advice! Sometimes I get caught up on how things should look and worry they don't look right. I have found it helps to take a break form one piece and work on another for a time, (maybe have a cup of tea in-between) and come back to the first piece with fresh eyes, Its amazing what things you notice that you didn't notice before! But one thing I do miss from art school is the input from other artists. So excited to have that now!!!!!

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    Can you tell my fav color is red? May have got ahead of myself with coloring before finishing with the line work, but I was in a color mood. Anybody have tips on what I can do to add more motion/energy? I put a few streak lines behind the caravan, but I’m not sure if its enough.

  • SVS OG

    @squirrelsize I love the red! It gives a neat warm feel to the picture. For motion, one thought I had was that the passengers in the wagon are sitting very straight for being in a moving wagon. Maybe try and play with the poses there. I like the roof is has a fun design!

  • @juliepeelart Cool idea! I’ll try and mess around with the postures and see what I come up with! Thanks Julie!

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    Added some hills in the background and some branches in the foreground

  • @squirrelsize This is looking great! Love the color palette... I can sense autumn from that. Maybe you can add fallen leaves to the ground.

  • @jonas-zavacky Oh yes! I like the idea of falling leaves! Will do! Thanks

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    I’m allowing the Fall piece to pickle over the weekend. Having some fun with some character sketches though!

    I need to work on my hands, they are so important for expression, yet so hard to draw

  • @squirrelsize

    I feel your pain about hands. But I promise you that once you draw enough of them it starts to click 🙂

    What REALLY drive me nuts are feet.

  • @art-of-b I agree with you about the feet too, usually i'm so focused on getting the hands right the feet get overshadowed lol

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    Did some cleaning up, next I think I might play around with putting in a few vintage textures and see where that leads.

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    I added some contrast to the drawing and some vintage distressing textures. Is it too much? What are your alls thoughts? Fire away!

  • SVS OG

    @squirrelsize I like the new colors. They're richer, and I like the overlay of all the primary colors to form neutrals instead of just color-picking a neutral. I'd say the color on the goats is a real strong point now.

  • @lauraa Thanks Laura! I tend to keep a lot of my work soft, its been a challenge to try to get those deeper colors.

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