Does this come across as finished?

  • So I am wanting to do an image that has just the focus colorized. I don't know if I pulled it off or not, because my wife just asked when I am going to paint the rest. Haha, I need an office.


  • @eric-castleman I like it. Sort of gives it a surreal dreamy quality. Like is the baby giraffe imagining it all? My wife is harsh too. 🙂

  • @chrisaakins thanks! haha, yeah. I am glad she has honest opinions though.

  • @eric-castleman What medium are you using? I love the texture. Is it all digital? If so, what program? Illustrator or photoshop? Or somethings else. Right now I have a surfacebook 2 and have autosketchPRO. I don't think I could recreate your work on what I am using.

  • I use photoshop and mess with a ton of different textures. So I basically do the painting, and then start dropping in texture scans of watercolor, or photos of wall texture, and change the layer to multipy/colorburn, and then go up to edit and mess with the exposure. I can recreate the same stuff on procreate, so I assume it is something that can be done on many different programs.

  • I like the look, it looks finished to me, but I feels dreamy, like the adult giraffes are part of his imagination.

  • @stringfellowart great interpretation.

  • I think its finished. When I first saw it on facebook I thought of a dream state. The whole thing, not just the background.

  • If by "finished" you mean it's brilliant and reminds me of Chris Van Allsburg, then the answer is YES.

  • @eli wow thanks!

  • This is an outstanding illustration! My goodness! Very nice work.

  • I love it as it is, it has a dreamy quality to it, I agree 🙂 I would try to emphasize the focus colorized thing maybe pumping up just a notch the colors, maybe just one of them in the boy, but just as something to try that I'd love to see in comparison.
    I do love it as it is, and I can imagine a whole picture book like this already. ♥

  • @eric-castleman I really like this piece and its sparing use of color. I feel there some intriguing storytelling going on here. I'm wondering where the light shining on the foreground characters is coming from as it seems "hotter" than on the other subjects. The background giraffes seem to be lit by soft moon light or a street lamp high up in the sky, but the foreground has a stronger source of light. Nitpicking here because it's a strong piece 🙂

  • I like the 'focus colourized' aspect. Works well. Usually when I see something that's spot coloured it's over the top but this piece is subtler.

    Nice work!

  • Looks great to me, makes me want to see the big giraffe above the kids head. Nice work 🙂

  • @catru to be more precise to you Eric, cause the change I would try just to see, is really minimal on this piece, as it has an amazing mood and I don't want to screw that haha, is to use a Color layer (as Will Terry loves to use) and just enhance a tiny bit maybe or the tiny red in the "carrier truck" or maybe just the boy a bit....... again just a bit :))

  • I think it looks finished but what are you trying to get across in the image? Is it important to the story that the background is not colored? I see a lot of people saying it seems like a dream or imagination, which is cool and I can see. I just don't know if that's what you wanted to create with the image. Its a really cool concept and rendering, nice work.

  • Your wife is used to your other work so she's probably not expecting that you're trying something new. This works great. My only thought would be make the color difference less subtle. Dropping the background saturation a little more and maybe pumping it up on the characters a tad more. I'm sure it's easy to overdo that, though. That way the difference looks intentional and not so much as unfinished as she interpreted. Another way to help the viewer understand your intention would be a series so that the repetition reaffirms that it is, in fact, intentionally designed that way and not just left unfinished or rushed. Great work as usual!

  • @eric-castleman This really looks great Eric! Nice work!

  • I think it is finished. I really think you nailed down the coloring on this. Good focal point on the boy and the baby giraffe and then more muted colors for the rest. It brings out some sort of melancoly and dreaminess if you ask me. Pretty good job!!!

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