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    Hey everyone, sorry for the delay on the results. We are in the process of recording a lot of podcasts and class building so we are a little behind schedule.

    There were some REALLY good pieces with this month's contest. It looks like you guys had fun with the topic and I enjoyed looking through the entries.

    Here are the results:

    **1st Place: Johanna kim @Johanna-Kim **

    This piece is so stunning and I just love it. Beautiful color and controlled technique. I want to know more about what is going on here. Please make more images to go with this story!


    **2nd place: Gary Wilkinson @Gary-Wilkinson **

    Gary keeps turning in killer work month after month. I imagine his portfolio is starting to look really good!


    3rd place: @JDRpictures

    This piece is so cool! I love the silhouetted birds and all the cool design work here. Good color balance and composition too. Solid!


    Honorable mentions (in no particular order):

    This one could have easily been top 3. Great story telling image and looks like a scene from an animation. Very professional looking image.

    Lenny Wen @lenwen

    Gorgeous! I looked at this image for a long time and just soaked in all these crazy colors that somehow look perfect together. Very hard to do that! This is another that could have easily won the whole thing. You guys make this so hard to judge!!!

    Rachel Blackwell @rachy
    I am digging this quiet little mouse adventure. Color balance is so nice and this image is just so sweet.


    Niels Waller @nielswaller
    I'm so glad to see a black and white image done so well. it's so easy to add color to an image on the computer and I'm always reminded how beautiful a black and white image can be. very creative scene with perfect control of the detail.

    Ashely Moore @artwithashley
    love the viewpoint and perspective. this is exactly what it feels like right when you enter a new city. Nailed it!

    Adrian k
    Love this ship design and painting. Captures a classic feel of an adventure story. really great lighting.

    Misty McKeithen @Misty-McKeithen
    this retro inspired piece is just stunning. Very vintage and modern at the same time. Delicate line work and great design sensibility are what drew me to this one. Great work Misty!

    Yolanda Shoals
    After showing a lot of complicated images here, Yolanda reminds us that sometimes simplicity is the way to go. This character would feel at home in any Miyazaki film. Lovely!


    That's all for now guys. Keep up the good work and keep entering! I'm going to take a month off from the contest while we move across the country and also ramp up some more contests. I'll announce a new topic on june 1! : )

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    Wow! Solid, SOLID work everyone.

  • SVS OG

    @lee-white Thanks so much, Lee. I'm deeply grateful for the honor, and proud to be recognized along with such a strong group of submissions. I know that I still have much to learn, but doing these monthly contests and seeing improvement with help from my fellow SVSLearners is very encouraging.

  • @johanna-kim Congratulations, well deserved! This piece is gorgeous

  • Congratulations @Johanna-Kim! I think you really nailed the aspect of travel with this one 😃 I always enjoy seeing what work you put out each month!

    @Lee-White Good luck with the moving and thank you for these competitions each month!

  • SVS OG

    @johanna-kim congrats! and to all very well done!

  • congrats @Johanna-Kim @Gary-Wilkinson and @JDRpictures ! you all did awesome job! and thanks to @Lee-White for the super kind comment on my work. I am looking forward for next contest on June! 😃

  • Congrats to all. Very nice work. Thanks for the kind comments on my piece @Lee-White I really appreciate it.

  • SVS OG

    Congrats to all, these are gorgeous pieces! I like all the different styles emerging in this community.

  • Great work, everyone! These all look lovely!

  • @johanna-kim lovely work! Your idea is so refreshing, interesting, and looks great! It's not easy to do all three of those things. Congrats!!

  • Congrats to everyone! Nice work!!

  • @johanna-kim I'm curious, is your illustration 100% traditional or partly digital? Again, great work!

  • SVS OG

    @tom-shannon Thanks for your question, Tom. It's partly digital. I plan it digitally, then go to traditional watercolor, then scan it into Photoshop for final tweaks. I'd like to be able to achieve a similar effect purely digitally, but it's a process-in-progress with lots of experimentation and trial and error.

  • @johanna-kim I agree. I'm trying to develop a 100% digital process as well, but I haven't fully figured it out. For working out a concept, drawing digitally is the way to go!!! I don't miss tracing paper and sketching on a light table.

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