Sugar Convoy

  • A lot of work left to do on this piece, but I'm wondering whether it's reading well and if the colors are working well so far. The concept is of a convoy of little creatures (I guess we can call them ants for now) riding ladybugs after they have collected their sugary goods from the picnic. I want to have a nice variation of colorful sweets, but I want to retain a nice color harmony whilst having a nice orange sunlight lighting the scene. I'm wondering if I should go for for a more neutral light and maybe having a mostly green/red theme to put the focus on the central character. Any thoughts would be really useful, thanks.

    0_1524625347572_Sugar ant sketch6colorsm.jpg

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    @gary-wilkinson This looks very good to me - iā€™m sorry that I have nothing constructive to say - it just looks right to me - very nice piece, as usual! - iā€™m Looking forward to the finish

  • I love this. For me, the colors are working, and I like the glowing feel of the warm light. It just saturates the scene and also adds to the shifted sense of scale--it FEELS so big but it's actually quite tiny. You've converted the microcosm into a landscape. I also like the clever details, like the thimble buckets. Cool piece!

  • I really don't see anything important to change, it looks great so far. Maybe just the sweets or foods (I assumed the one in back is a donut?) not colorful so it's not really clear. Also the sugar cube is not really clear now and looks a bit more like regular boxes. But hard to tell in this early step, I am sure your final piece will be awesome as your other works anyway šŸ˜ƒ

  • Gradually getting there. I decided I didn't like the cloth they were standing on, so I decided to change it to a doughnut (or within the doughnut family) and will add some sprinkles on later . I also made the canvas slightly longer to help better frame the insect in the hat. Still lots to do, but it's coming along slowly. Any critiques at all are helpful though šŸ˜›

    @Kevin-Longueil Thanks, Kevin. Glad it's taking shape and it's already appealing to some.

    @Eli Thank you, I appreciate it. I was originally going to do a cowboy in sunset lighting to give it a lot of warmth, but with so many different objects I felt it might be hard for people to understand what is what.

    @lenwen How are the sugar cubes looking now? I might change the back one to be a brown sugar cube to add variety, and I'm not overly keen on the sweets behind it, so I'm considering what to do about those. Thanks for the critique!

    0_1524657036876_Sugar ant sketch8colorsm.jpg

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    I love this ... and all of your stuff, especially your textures. I think the change to the doughnut underneath really helps because the blanket reminded me of mown fields, and the doughnut is more in keeping with the rest of the painting. Your sugar cubes might look more sugary and less chalk like if you added some sparkles to them, though you may already have been planning on that. It's such a really nice painting overall.

  • @gary-wilkinson I'm a big fan of your illustrations!) These texture brushes you use - awesome!!!) As for me - the colors are great and they totally work together. Can't wait to see the final picture!)

  • @gary-wilkinson I think before it just didn't look clearly because of really early step. I can identify the object now. I really like the concept and your tone. I am looking forward for your final piece šŸ˜ƒ

    CMIIW, just an idea, maybe the sugar cube can have a bit shiny part because sugar's material a bit like crystal or can add some sugar granules nearby šŸ˜ƒ

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    Wow! what a fun concept. Love the whole thing.
    Was wondering if maybe the little spoon etc, should be made out of more natural materials? like grass or wood - right now looks like plastic
    Looking forward to seeing the final version!

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    @gary-wilkinson great work as usually. The only thing for me is that it looks like the lady bug's face is hitting the ground. Maybe bringing it up a little like the ant is pulling it up with the reins.

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    @gary-wilkinson Coming to this post late. Like this idea a lot. Regarding the colors, I think you can still cool down or desaturate the other colors more for the background sweets, esp. the reds and oranges. Maybe define the details first, than return to adjusting the colors with a multiply or color layer? I find myself trying to make out the details (for example, what is the road that they're on made of?) Also, and this might be too much work, but I wonder if you can have a proper holster or pocket for the utensils?

  • Thanks for everyone's advice and comments. I could spend hours more on this piece, but i've decided I'm happy enough to call it done, so here it is, "Sugar Ants"

    0_1524718799914_Sugar Ants small.jpg

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