Travel Wip - Critiques welcome

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    So here is my attempt at the travel prompt. I haven't decided on colour exactly yet but will be trying purple and greens for the vines.

    Any critique welcome... Is it a pleasing composition to you? Thanks for any thoughts.

    0_1523295532002_cathedral_vine 2.jpg

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    @jason-bowen I like how mysterious and ethereal this sketch feels. The darker flying creature (turtle?) is your main focus, I'm assuming. And are those passengers on its back? Suggest making the similar creature in the background much smaller and faded in comparison. Maybe also make the main subject bigger? I'd also have elements throughout somehow pointing to the main subject (i.e., the tree/plant in on the left, maybe some flags on the building/castle).

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    @johanna-kim yeah there are a few characters on the back of the creature. It's a creature design I made up thinking about this not a turtle but something weird and odd looking hopefully.

    I like the idea of flags or something to make the castle type structure have a bit of personality.

    I will play more with the main creatures size and see what's best thanks for your thoughts ☺

  • Neat so far! Definitely an interesting composition. I'll be interested to see what it's like with a bit more detail 🙂

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    @jason-bowen I love that you have solid and interesting layers for foreground, middle and back. I also think that the values are very interesting! The one thought I had as I looked at it was that if you cut the composition in half horizontally all of the interest is in the top half of the picture. The bottom is pretty empty. So maybe bring the main flyer down, or make it bigger to make better use of the whole space.

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    @juliepeelart Your right I had a man down at the bottom and painted him out and totally forgot about the new composition is now affected. I will think some more thanks. 🙂

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    @jason-bowen I can see how adding someone at the bottom looking up would balance it as well! You have lots of fun options. I can't wait to see how it progresses!

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    0_1523377578397_cathedral_vine another.jpg

    Still working on this... added some colour now and some creatures below the vines. I am going to experiment more with them because I want to create an element of danger, and the reason why they fly out of the castle and not walk... Lots to do but enjoying myself. 🙂

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    I am stopping myself from commenting specifically on people's work for the contest since i'm the judge, but I would like to offer some general questions to ask.

    1. Is the composition working as well as it could and is there any dead space you need to resolve?
    2. Is the angle you drew this at the best one to convey the story?
    3. Do you have a keyword the viewer should feel and is it working as well as it can to achieve that goal?
    4. Have you explored multiple options for this and posted them so you can see what people respond to and which one might work best?

    If you can confidently answer those questions, then you should be fine. If not, might need to rework some parts. : )


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    @lee-white Thanks for the checklist. My head hurts from doing different angles now though haha. I think doing the same scene at different view points will definitely improve my drawing though 🙂

  • I would love to see a handful of different thumbnails to choose from! And if you let us know what feeling you are going for (a "keyword") we can help vote on which thumbnail is best for what you are wanting. I love the fantasy concept!

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    0_1523441521498_comps test.jpg

    Here are my test comps... which one do you prefer?

  • @jason-bowen While I think your compositions are lovely, I'm not sure I'm reading "travel" from them. That could be because you haven't gotten into the details yet, but if you could share with me what your vision is for the theme I'll be able to follow it better. The winged thing looks like it could be seriously cool...

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    @rhirsch I have gone for a location which is hard to travel too but once there it is a safe place which holds answers to life's mysteries.

  • Based on your vision for this piece, I like the thumbnail #6....though I think it needs some tweaking. I feel the character(s) in the foreground looking at the far-away safe place matches your intent the best.

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    0_1523550428157_landscape test 2.jpg

    My idea has changed a lot haha... needs a lot more work but I am having more fun with this one 🙂

  • If you look at your image everything important is happening on one side and it all appears to be in the mid ground. I would consider moving hatched egg to the left corner area a some how and making it larger move it to the right corner and make it larger then crop your image and reverse it so it reads left to right. Just a thought.

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    @rcartwright Yeah your right, I should have mentioned I am adding dinosaurs into the landscape too.

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    This post is deleted!

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    0_1523647771140_landscape test 2.jpg

    I'm going to say this done now. I need to learn more so going to watch some videos and re-calibrate myself lol.

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