Looking for Critques. Have I reached that Proffesional level?

  • Hi Everyone!! i am looking for some critques to my artwork. I am just about ready to start sending out postcards and I feel my art has really grown. Any feedback is appreciated!
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    Hi Araina,

    I think your work is coming along, but I would hold off on the postcards. I think you have about another year or so of training to do to see a proper return on your advertising.

    Some things are really working. Your palette is very nice and your shape language is really looking good.

    Things to work on: Your character design seems like it needs the most work and the posing seems stiff and unnatural. Your brushstrokes are a bit spotty and look hesitant. And overall the composition could be greatly improved. Lighting is another thing you may want to use to your advantage when the situation calls for it.

    I'd keep doing what you are doing. I think if you put a solid year in, you will be ready to send some stuff out early next year. Things to think about: have your website totally dialed in. Watch the business video if you haven't done that yet. There are some other basic business things to figure out before sending out that first postcard.

    Good luck and stick with it! The work is looking good.


  • Lee,

    THANK YOU !!! so much for your feedback. I have a couple of questions. When you say character design what and unatural poses,which image are you looking at? The composition I always struggle with ,what suggestions would you make to improve these images composition wise? Do you feel my characters are too dull? Do they need more expressive faces? Thanks again.


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    Overall I think the pose and gesture is what you need to work on most. Just having a smooth line of action in your pose would help greatly. (NOTE: I will be teaching this exact class coming up in March. it's a 10 week class on moving characters through scenes in a convincing way).

    In the first image you posted, the head doesn't really seem to go with the action of the pose and it is confusing as to what she is looking at. So I wold definitely change the eyes. The feet are straight and stiff in your drawing. When anyone is walking, there is a combination of bends that happen at the ankle and toes. The feet would never be in the position you have them here. And then the trailing arm doesn't have any rhythm or overlap to it, so it feels like a mannequin. Lastly, there are some huge anatomy problems with the legs in terms of which foot should be in front. Right now, it looks like the right foot is in front, but that doesn't make sense based on the pose or natural walking gesture.

    Here's a quick sample of what you could do to fix it up. There are a lot of possiblities here, depending on how you want us to react to the characters personality.

  • Amazing!! This is so helpful to me! I completely see it now and how the improvement works so much better. I can't wait to take this class ! The idea was to have her looking up at the mountains but if a viewer has to ask then I have not executed this correctly. I want my viewers to be able to see and feel what my character is doing. Thank you ,thank you ,thank you!

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