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  • Hello everyone. I'm doing a series of spot illustrations for a credit union kid's club newsletter, fall edition. Please, if you have a minute or two, take a peek at my sketch and share your thoughts. Thank you in advance!!! -Tom

    alt text

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    Overalll your drawing is good and your characters are appealing. I like your sensitivity with the pencil. Very nice!

    The big crit here though is it is sort of boring (sorry to be so blunt). Nothing is happening. The kids don't have anything to do. They are just walking. It's easy to fix this. Give them something to do. Add some story to it. Think about what might be interesting around halloween. I just finished a halloween cover for a magazine and I just went nuts thinking about all the funny stuff you can draw for this holiday. Kids getting tricked, real life monsters scaring the kids, etc. Have fun with the holiday and try to remember what it was like to be a kid at halloween. You will surprise yourself with all the ideas you can come up with. : )

    Good luck!

  • @tom-shannon awesome sketch I would love to see when its finished! Something feels I little off with the vampires right leg ( one going back behind) not sure what it is but everything else looks great to me

  • @lee-white Thank you very much for the feedback. Super helpful. I agree 100% with your "sort of boring" observation. I knew something didn't feel right 🙂 I think you nailed it. Thank you again! I'll do a few more sketches before moving forward with the final artwork.

  • @lee-white also, thank you for the kind words Lee! I love your work.

  • @ambiirae Thank you for the feedback. You may be onto something. The sketch a little rough and wonky.

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