WIP for "Independent"

  • I got a start on the concepts for the Independent challenge today! I usually start with a mind map but I already had a few ideas rattling around and then when I started I kept going. Sorry some of them are messy or unintelligible- I worked a little more on the ones I liked better.

    Anyone have a reaction to any of these?


    1 & 2 are a kid leading very large dogs on her own. 3 & 4 are a wild kid leading a pack of dogs or bears... animals. 5 Was very basic idea but I wanted to play with composition and lighting. 6-9 Are a viking kid or kids off on their own adventure in a boat!


    10-12 are more viking kids. 11 Is a boy reading while people play sports in the background- felt too sulky but maybe it could be played on. 14 is a kid chasing fireflies by herself while a parent figure in the background guides another child. 15 & 16 are wrestling because I was watching GLOW but they gave me an idea for later so I kept them in. 17 & 18 are more viking kid- I was thinking maybe leading an army?


    19 is someone diving off a cliff into who knows what, while others cheer. 20-21 is a girl setting free a bird( or fairy? or firefly? or tiny dragon?) while parents argue in the background, ostensibly about what to do with the bird (maybe it's a golden bird?). 22 is a mess, was trying for someone arguing with an angry mob but it doesn't even fit the theme. 23 adult scientists arguing in the background while a toddler approaches/interacts with some kind of alien monster. 24 a girl with wings for arms finally flies for the first time whil her anxious parents look on. 25 a kid living on his/her own in a space boat that runs on fireflies (feels lonely, want to play with magical flying fish?). 26-27 A girl builds sandcastles while people play in the water behind her.

  • @withlinesofink in voting for #1, 8 or 27 🙂 those speak the most to me and I could see them turning out really nice cant wait to see what you pick!

  • @ambiirae Thank you! Any thoughts of why you were drawn to those specifically?

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    @withlinesofink I think #27 shows the most independent. I do like #1 a lot but it feels more confidence then Independence.

  • I like 5 and 27 for the prompt Independent. I also think 1 and 4 are fun drawings, but don't match the prompt as accurately as some of the other ideas.

  • I think it would help to have a little explanation of the thumbnails 🙂 I think the choices that people are making are somewhat because these are the most refined/legible... which doesn't mean the others don't have potential!

  • @nowayme That's very legitimate. I have a hard time finding a balance between too loose and too tight on my roughs. I'm going to take some of everyone's favorites and do some tighter variations.

  • @withlinesofink Or you can just give us a general idea of the story behind them. Already with a bit of story I think they would be clearer! And by the way, I am really impressed by the number of thumbnail you made! I always try to do at least 10, but 27 is great! Maybe this time I will try doing more.

  • @nowayme Good thought. I edited the original post with some rough explanations. My problem has always been too many ideas and then struggling to choose one and actually make it look.. good. I actually average around 50 thumbnails per project.

  • @WithLinesOfInk With the explanations, I'm personally rather fond of 24! Though the composition of 18 could be a lot of fun to see too.

  • Nice group of ideas here! I like viking kids in the boat idea the best. Number two is the girl building sandcastles at the beach. The girl setting the firefly/bird/dragon free for number three.

  • @bnewman 24 is my favourite. 😉

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    Great start on the tumbnails! BUT, I would pick your top 5 that YOU like, take then to a nicer toned rough sketch stage and then get feedback. With this many options and how loose they are now, the feedback you get will be random and too varied to really use.

  • @lee-white Haha I'm starting to realize that >.<. It's been a long time since I looked to such a large group for advice. But It definitely helped me get a feel for what people were responding to, so 6 tidier roughs is the next step. Thanks Lee! 🙂

  • @withlinesofink I think a lot of us can relate to #27!

  • I'm not sure I'll finish this one in time but here's a few more options, tidied up a bit! Anyone have a favorite? Thoughts on why?


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    I like the story you are telling in number 4 the best but I think you'll need to work on the composition a bit. I think all the thumbs are great. I'd love to see some finished versions of #1 and #2 .

  • @withlinesofink Now that I see these I like #4 the best for this prompt but all these are good. Hope you get to finish!

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    I think #4 fits the best for the theme, but I really like #5. I would like to see that one complete. The lighting on it would be really cool.

  • @withlinesofink I'd have to agree with some of the other SVS brethren ... #4 appears to be a standout for this theme. Cool stuff

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