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  • Hi everyone,
    I had this page in my book (personal project), where the scene should happen in the attic. Before watching draw 50 things, the attic was... well - nearly empty (such a shame!) So I decided to take it to another level. Before moving on a more detailed sketch, a lot of the items are now just a lumpy place holders, I wanted to check with you guys the general composition and value. What do you think? Is there something bothering you? Thank you!

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    @mag its working well. What is the emotion that the character has? What is their action? Almost looks like they are kicking the door open, if so the cat would be jumping out of the way then hiding behind it. For the room structure, is the right side further back then the door jam? It feels like that side of the room goes back further. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  • @Chip-Valecek Thank you! 🙂
    Yes, the room goes back further and the character is actually angrily shutting the door. But a good point with the cat. I can place it somewhere else.

  • I like it so far, but I would definitely make sure your objects, especially the foreground ones can be identified. I took wills class (at UVU) and had that problem at first, it can be tricky, but you don't want just a bunch of lumps

  • OK - so I've made a second sketch layer with 58 objects - no place holders this time. 🙂
    But I'm having trouble with the main character's posture. I want it to translate like she's leaving the attic. But I'm not sure if she looks that way... Any advice?
    Thank you!!!!

  • @mag Nice work this looks great!!

  • @mag Wow! Really looking great! - my first reaction was that she is marching out of the attic or maybe storming out of the attic and about to slam the door - so it does come across - the next thing i thought was that the slippers might be in the way when she does close the door - The scissors have taken on a focal importance in this new version - i am a bit worried because they are in a box labeled " mean things" - so the story really has me asking questions and wondering what is going on - thats great - really looking forward to seeing your next step.

  • @Kevin-Longueil Oh thank you for noticing the slippers. I shall place them somewhere else.Thank you! 🙂
    The story behind this picture is about that girl being angry with the scissors. Because she cut all of her really really long hair with it and now (after a series of events) she doesn't like the result. So she's upset and gives the scissors a time out.
    I'm really glad you see her marching out. I was staring at the picture for so long I'm no longer able to see anything...

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    @mag this is Fantastic! Well done!

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  • @mag oh my gosh this is awesome

  • @Tyson thank you! I'm now working on too many projects, but I hope I'll have some spare time to finally finish this up!

  • @mag This is such a great example of how to tackle this project! So excited to see it!

  • Halfway through... 🙂

  • Really nice work

  • This looks great .

  • Sooo.... finally I'm posting my finished #draw50thigs drawing! It was actually finished about half a year ago, but since then life has been super busy and I totally forgot to make an update here... 🙂 But here it is! It was a great challenge and I'm really glad I give it a try. It definitely helped me with my illustrations. Now I'm not afraid to put much more stuff into a picture, because I know it is worth the effort. So thank you @Will-Terry for coming up with this whole thing!

  • SVS OG

    I'm loving the cat behind the door and the bear poking out of the box. Fantastic!

  • @mag This looks awesome. re: posture - Maybe having the foot down and the heel of the trailing foot lifted up just a little bit. Like they're actually walking away slowly, and not auditioning for the Ministry of Silly Walks. 🙂

  • @mag Wow - this turned out so well!!! This is an amazing example of this challenge! You should be very proud!

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