Another portfolio piece

  • Here is another portfolio piece I'm working on. I could use a fresh pair of eyes to look at it! How is the composition/value working? Does it match the first 3 Little Pig illustration I did? (the first can be found here: What needs work? Thanks! I appreciate all your great advice! 0_1478199044369_3 pigs 2a.jpg

  • Hi, first of all, I love your illustrations on 3 little pigs. I love the style, the characters and the colour scheme. One thing that feels funny in this piece is however the roof. From the tiles and the pig´s posture I guess you meant for the roof to run from the top corner down. But from perspective of all the other things I feel that the roof should run from right bottom part to left top part (so the right edge would be the highest point you have in the image and the line running from top to the bottom would be the lowest part, where you would normally have the gutter). And if it would be so you would need to change the posture of the pig to compensate the tilt of the roof, change his centre of gravity and sort of make him leaning more towards the right.

  • I am really loving the colors here.
    And it does match the first illustration you did. (loved that one too.)
    The only things I would suggest is cropping some of the edges, and pushing three a little pit to the middle.
    Lovely illustration. 🙂

  • Thank you so much @Hana-Hladikova and @Doha! I really appreciate the critiques! I'm working on improving it based on your suggestions. I will post again when done. Again, thank you!

  • @Joy-Heyer Any update on this piece?

  • @RobinSlee Thanks for asking! It reminded me I needed to post my most recent version. Here it is... I tweaked the roof line and cropped in a bit. I also changed the position of the hammer. I would love any feed back! 0_1483639178127_3 pigs 2b.jpg

  • @Joy-Heyer Hey, Joy! I like your changes. The position of the hammer looks much more convincing now. And also the roof improved in my eyes. 🙂

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