October 3rd Thursday

  • Well my goal was to get four witches done for 3rd Thursday - here are the three that survived - i have been going round and round with the good Witch of the North and had to finally tell myself to go back to the drawing board - but i am happy i got as far as i did with the other three - thank you for all of the feedback you have given - it has been so helpful to me 🙂

    0_1476943800163_Glinda_2 copy.png

    0_1476943819158_Wicked_4 copy.png

    0_1476943841849_Silver_Shoes copy.png

  • They are awesome, full of atmosphere and with wonderful characterization! Makes me feel bad for not making it in time with my illustration, but so much was in the way (including Inktober....). I definitely want to post it by the end of the week.
    You have a really great set of characters for the Wizard of Oz. You should think about making a poster!

  • @smceccarelli Thank you Simona! You should not feel bad about anything - your Inktober is really awesome! Your 3rd Thursday is too - i like the poster idea - i'll put them all together for my Society6 page (pretty sure only family members buy my prints but it can't hurt 🙂 i will look forward to seeing your 3rd Thursday whenever you get to it up - thank you again

  • These are really great Kevin. All 3 have came out really well.

  • @Kevin-Longueil Wow these are all excellent. I love the addition of the witch reflecting back in her shoes. Adding her in there, does so much more story telling and is awesome!

  • @Kevin-Longueil These look awesome my friend. Nice work. I always think that I'd like to see your all black images with just one accent color like some red or green. Like on the shoes maybe adding a green accent to the reflection of the witch, and for some reason I think it would be cool to have maybe just a sap green or yellow ochre in the witches eyeball who's holding the shoe. Some blue, yellow or green in the magic coming from the witches hand in that first one... a little pop might be cool....or it might not...anyway like I said awesome work.

  • @Lee-Holland Thank you Lee! Really appreciate the comments 🙂
    @Rich-Green Thank you Rich! I struggled so much with the reflection - i was a bit worried it would be too confusing or read as simply impossible - very glad to hear your feedback - Thanks again
    @evilrobot Thank you William! I think when i am done with all of them i will try the accent color you mention - i like the green i added to OZ but i am thinking if each had a color that made some kind of sense and worked when the whole group was put together that might look good..my first color script maybe 🙂 i will definitely be trying it - love the yellow ochre eye idea - really appreciate your feedback and support!

  • These look really great @Kevin-Longueil - can't remember if I said before, but I really love the way you made those shoes so shiny! Very skilled to do that... It is great to see you take this concept and really develop it into a sequence of fantastic pieces 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @Kevin-Longueil These look great! Putting them all together makes for a fun project.

  • @Dulcie Thank you Dulcie! i think am going to continue with Oz for a bit longer - there are a few more characters in the book i'd like to attempt to draw 🙂 thank you again for your kind words!
    @Chip-Valecek Thank you Chip! I am a bit sad that the old 3rd Thursday has ended but i wanted to thank you for all the work you did for everyone making all those slide shows - that was always something i looked forward to looking through with my kids after each 3rd Thursday - they loved it too - thanks again 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @Kevin-Longueil I am definitely going to miss it. So much fun seeing what everyone was working on and then getting together to hear the crits. The good thing from not working on one this month, I was able to focus on the kid's book project I am doing with my son. However I am still behind the schedule/timeline I set for myself. I need to be more accountable for my time.

  • These are awesome Kevin!

  • @Jennyann Thank you Jennyann!!

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