Hello, glad to be here :)

  • Hello everyone, I want to introduce myself. I'm watching the classes at SVS and loving them all. I hope to learn the skills I need to make my Illustrations better and get the hang of this more as I'm self taught. I'm committed to this full time now and I'm eager to help if I can and hopefully get some feedback on my work as well.
    My website is at thimblefoliopress.com

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    Welcome! You will learn a lot from the classes. Also posting your work in the forums helps as well. Everyone is great hear with their feedback.

  • Welcome! I have found the composition class really helpful and I am working through the colour and light one now. I am self-taught too so I feel like there is loads to learn.
    I love your squirrel painting by the way. The tail has a really nice design.
    Post some work on the forums for feedback. I find it helps me see things in a new way.

  • Welcome Christine. You have some nice work.

  • Welcome! Your work is beautiful! I especially love your birds and your color choices.

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    Hi Christine,

    Welcome to the club! We are very glad you are joining us! Let us know if you have any questions along the way.

    I took a look at your site and like the look of the work. Your drawing and painting skills are coming along just fine. There are a few suggestions I have for you.

    The first suggest is easy to fix. I'd get your website to where most of your images display without me having to click anything. Editors and art directors will not click two or three times to get to your images. They will leave if there is any hesitation on getting to your work.

    The next recommendation is content based. Now that you are done with your foundation, the fun part begins. That fun part is really showing us who YOU are. It's assumed that your drawing skills and painting skills will be good (as a professional) so your content needs to be more engaging and interesting. It needs to show a specific take that you have on a story or idea. Something that we haven't seen before. Start looking for the things that are unique to the story and your own sensibility. That is where "style" comes from. Luckily, you are interested in things with a very rich background. Fairy tales and mythology are so interesting and multi faceted that you could build an entire portfolio around a few stories.

    I really look forward to seeing that growth so post some things as you make 'em! : )


  • Great work! I would suggest narrowing down your work and putting all of it into one portfolio. I saw quite a few pieces in your sketchbook that would go well with the work in your gallery. Clicking through each link to get to your work was definitely distracting and took away from your work.

    Other than that I look forward to seeing your work in the future. 😃

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    Glad to have you here Christine looking forward to seeing your progress:)

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    Welcome! Nice work on your site! This forum has been such a great place to grow, I hope you find have the same experience.

  • Thank you so much everyone for your feedback and input on my work 🙂 I will try to make those improvements on my website too, much appreciated for the advice 🙂 I have been drawing everyday this week and I will post some of my things here for some feedback when I have them ready.

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