Podcast recommendation request?

  • Here are the list of podcasts I have listened this autumn

    • 3 point perspective
    • illustration department podcast
    • Design matters
    • picturebooking podcast
    • The Children's Book Podcast
    • This American life

    Now I caught up with all these, and ran out of things to listen
    Anyone has podcast recommendations? I tried SCBWI podcast, 88 cups of tea, creative peptalk. These do not stick.

    I am interested in podcasts about illustration, writing, music making, and other types of creative work (just want to hear other types of creative process as well, thought might be interesting). I try to avoid podcast which has too many ads.

  • @xin-li Hi! For illustration I like @creative_catchup with Mel Chadwick and Natasha Newton, and “The Good Ship Illustration” podcast.
    The “Loosen up your painting” podcast has some interesting episodes.
    For children’s book illustration there’s a UK podcast “Library Girl & Book Boy”, I’m not so keen on this one but some of the interviews are good. “Sens Créatif” & “Illustration: le podcast” are great if you happen to speak French!
    For podcasts on creativity I like “Letters from a hopeful creative”, “Hashtag Authentic” and “Grow with Soul” on marketing for creatives.
    Hope that helps!

  • I like to recommend podcasts. You may know about these already but here's my list:

    Design: 99% Invisible, Articles of Interest

    Music: Song Exploder, Switched on Pop, Broken Record, Disgraceland

    Writing: Levar Burton Reads

    Creative Process: Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend's recent episode with John Cleese about his new book on creativity. Really good.

    My other favorites include The Memory Palace, Radiolab, Sawbones, Ologies, Planet Money, American Scandal, and Cautionary Tales.

  • For art stuff I like The Savvy Painter 🙂

  • @Arlene-Montoya , @Chris-Philpot @Elliot Thank you so much for the recommendations. I will go and check them out 🙂

  • @xin-li The ones you've mentioned are great! Here are some other recommendations to check out:

    For picture book type stuff, I think "Literaticast" with agent, Jennifer Laughran, is great. (She also has a great newsletter.)

    For general creativity type stuff I like "Your Creative Push" with Youngman Brown.

    And, even though there aren't any new episodes, I really liked "Stories Unbound" with Shawna JC Tenney.

  • You might want to check out the Draftsmen podcast. The episodes can be hit or miss and they tend to lean towards the more technical side of art, but they are very knowledgeable and entertaining.

  • SVS OG

    Here are some of my favs

    Do it for the process (creative business)
    Honest designers (Liz glanz is an amazing illustrator! I love her work and her style)
    The Bancroft brothers (animation)

  • wow. So many good stuff on this thread. Thank you so much for adding more @Kristin-Dudish, @j-sienkowski and @Whitney-Simms

    I am currently listen to "Literaticast". Anyone who is looking for agents should check this one out. It is great, insightful.

    I also found an episode about what a publicist do in the publishing industry. I did not now what a publicist is before I started listening to the podcast. I learned a lot without knowing that I need to know these things as a creator in the book industry. I have 2 books coming out next autumn, it is a perfect time learning about this topic.

  • SVS Instructor Pro

    I always like podcast recommendation threads.
    Here's some that I've been listening to:

    Fuse 8 n' Kate - They pick a well known picture book and discuss it to determine if it is a "classic" or not. Funny and informative.

    Imaginary Worlds - Pick a topic about fantasy (books, movies, games etc) and discuss.

    99% Invisible - Design topics of all sorts. Art, fashion, architecture

  • @davidhohn Thank you for the recommendation! Your pitch for the first 2 podcasts sound like something I am looking for exactly 🙂

  • Looks like my holiday schedule has been filled up. I’m definitely going to check them all out!

  • @xin-li sorry, I don’t have any suggestions because I’ve been searching as well (unsuccessfully). Of the ones you’ve listed, which is your favourite?

  • @DaveLeekArt
    The illustrationDEPT podcast is my favourite podcast in 2020. I discovered some of the great artists I have never heard of from the podcast, such as James McMullan. some of the running themes the host Giuseppe kept talking with various guests are the question of style; what a long illustrator career looks like.

    I also enjoyed the pickturebooking podcast, as I often found an hour long chat with some of my favourite picture book makers in this podcast. You can go to the website, and type in your favourite picture book artists to see if the host has an interview with her/him.

    And I listen to every episode of 3 point perspective. I guess everyone does in this forum 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li this is non-art related but I’ve been watching a lot of DnD from OXventure lately. They’re fun to listen to.

  • If you have a screen open while you're listening Bobby Chiu (Bobby Chiu youtube channel) has been interviewing illustrators and creators on youtube for a few years now and they're all pretty great for the most part. I've exhausted 3 point perspective at this point (the fourth and final point?) and have been listening to Bobby quite a bit. It checks a lot of the boxes you listed in your initial post and as you glance over you see some incredible illustrations to boot!

  • @Jeremiahbrown hehe... I listened to Bobby Chiu´s YouTube videos before I discovered SVSLearn. I have not visit his YouTube stream for a while as I put my focus to books and publishing for the last couple years. I might go back to revisit Bobby Chiu´s YouTube stream as it is always good to look at a broader art and illustration scene for inspiration.

    @Nyrryl-Cadiz thanks for the recommendation. I will probably not get the DnD reference 😛 . A lot of my friends play the game, but I have never tired it myself.

  • Lots of great suggestions. I'd like to add one for music: Strong Songs. The host is really good at making the processes behind music understandable to non-musicians (full disclaimer: I am a musician and my day job is teaching music history and I don't know if my opinion in this regard counts more or less because of it 🙂 ).

  • Draftsmen is absolutely brilliant, can't recommend it enough. They're on YouTube too.

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li oh I don’t understand them myself. 🤣 i just enjoy the banter

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