Ink fairy WIP - caught red (black ink) handed

  • Hey all,
    I’m working on thumbs for my ink fairy submission.
    I feel like throwing ink around and so does one of my characters lol.
    I’m wondering how it reads. I’ll post the image, then an explanation below. Wondering if one can understand the image without the explanation.
    I probably need to do more thumbnails anyhow. This is number 10 probably.
    The ink fairy in this image is the little girl. She is a caught in the act of drawing and painting with ink on the walls, spilled ink on floor etc, she has signed her name as the ink fairy because that’s her scapegoat. But big sister Ellie catches her in the act on her phone camera.
    Wondering if it reads that way?

  • Definitely got the story when I first looked at it. Love this take!

  • Yep! Really good idea. I also got it without the description. Love it!

  • Thanks @Elliot and @JoshuaDages . It helps me moving forward to have your responses 😊

  • @Coley Love this! Great take on the prompt

  • @Coley I really like your take on the prompt, it’s creative and relatable. At first I thought the swirling shape close to Ellie was the fairy spinning frantically making a mess (the little child looking upwards seemed to confirm that, and her poised hand got a bit lost in the two walls coming together in the corner at this size). But after reading your explanation I can definitely see your intention more clearly. Ellie has a great attitude ☺

  • this is such a great concept and reads well for me too

  • @Lovsey thanks! The swirly ink on the wall is sort of a placeholder so I'll keep it in mind for final!

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