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    Hi guys,

    We are recording a new podcast today on the topic of burnout. Let me know any questions you may want us to address. : )


  • Ooo what a great topic!

    Is there a way to curb burnout before it starts without taking a full on break? I am havig fun painting before my day job but I am starting to feel the mental/physical affects of the extra long work days.

  • What do you do when you have burnout and are not happy with everything you make, but you have a deadline to meet. I always struggle with wanting everything to be my best work all the time and realistically that just isn’t possible 😂

  • I experienced this in my IT career when I was working 7 long days a week. On Moday morning it was as if I hit a wall. In this case I would start cutting back and have rest up days if possible if I felt this happening again. I will be curious to hear what others have to say about this. Also, I wonder what you feel the warning signs are?

  • does personal projects help you to get trough such phases where you are "sick" of doing stuff for other people in case you ever had such a feeling?

    burnout or just shift of interest. did you ever "quit" with something to focus on other things to come back to it month or years later and start to enjoy it again?

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    @Lee-White My main problem is what to do when I feel the exhaustion of burnout creep in and desperately need a break, but I'm on a deadline? Is there anyway to reduce the effects while finishing up the project before you're able to get a break?

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    Cool! Thanks guys. I talked about all this stuff during the podcast.

  • @Lee-White I’m so sad because I saw this post just now and I had more questions! I once wrote under one of your youtube videos a comment in which I asked to talk about burnout and, who knows maybe because of that you chose that subject. Anyway I’m very happy to know that I can look forward to your discussion!

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    This one releses mid october. RIght in the middle of inktober! haha! so many people should be able to relate to burnout by day 20!

  • @Lee-White I’m not sure if this fits in the spectrum of burnout you will be focusing on.
    My questions are in regards to burnout in finding the right niche or forte.

    Is it possible to recognize the difference between burnout and incompatibility?

    In the search to find my style and my niche, it can be hard to persevere when it appears all signs point to something else, or they point to how incapable I might be for children’s book illustrations.

    I know there are podcasts and courses the target style progression and finding where you fit in. That is why my question is “how to tell the difference between burnout and the resistance in closing a chapter in life.

    Thanks for any consideration and no worries if it is outside of the spectrum of the podcast. Much love!

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    @dafoota I do talk about that a little bit right at the end. It's a tricky question. I think after you have taken some of the steps we mention to get out of burnout and if you still feel a reluctance to do the work, you might be in the wrong direction. So then do you change the work to fit the direction you want work in? Or do you change what your goals are that fit the work? I'd say the latter will leave you more satisfied. Figure out what kind of work you want to do, then head in that direction.

  • @Lee-White Much respect. Thank you!

  • @dafoota Just wanted to pop in and give my two cents here because your comment hit home for me. I began my illustration journey about a year and a half ago and became increasingly frustrated - my style wasn’t coming together, I wasn’t able to finish a full illustration that I was satisfied with and even when I tried to tackle something more simple like just a character it was a fight! I did start wondering if maybe this just wasn’t the right fit for me, maybe I was just bad at illustrating. After a lot of navel gazing I finally realized it was the medium I was using! I had, without realizing it, put myself into a box - I am a traditional artist and traditional illustrations are done with watercolor. I was pushing away the things that were truly calling to me - what had been exciting me recently was printed artwork, collage, and mixed media! I was terrified to try those because I had no experience with them and was so scared that I would fail...But once I set watercolor aside and pursued the thing that was exciting (and frightening!) me, I found the joy in creating artwork again and that joy has been fueling me to keep going for the pure fun of creating! Try to pinpoint what gives you the most joy in the creative process, and think about what things are most important to you at the core of your being - what do YOU have that YOU want to share with the world. What feelings do you want your artwork and your stories to give your viewers. I realized that I want to share comfort, acceptance, mystery, joy, gentleness....Maybe a lengthy reply, but I hope some of my blathering helps! Best of luck to you.

  • @VeronicaMui What a blessing your message is. Thank you for the time and consideration you took out to respond. Your message reminded me of a lot of my favorite movie, The Last Dragon. The Kung fu student is frantically searching for the next master to take him to the next level. His former master explains to him that only in his heart that he will find the true master. I may have to go back and watch it.

    Sharing your experiences reminds me of what is valuable that I so often forget in my pursuit of professionalism. Your message is a good reminder for reflection and self-correction. I suspect after that; I would need to do some real naval-gazing, which I have never heard that before. That way, I can stand on what I want to share and how I want to inspire.

    Thank you again for such a wonderful reminder. Much love and God bless!

  • I don't have a question per say, just would love to hear how to recover from burnout.
    I'm one step away from burnout on multiple levels and am always looking for ways to keep going and pull out of it (art is one, exercise is another, simply not moving would be great but it's not an option right now). But if I burned out in art I would be lost as to how to recover. A plan and tools would help.

  • Great topic! I think it is very important to talk about this. I have been through a major burn-out being an entreprenour, art student, taking online classes and all of this at the same time. Then I hit a wall and I hit it hard. I had to stop doing almost everything. It took me a year to find the joy in making art again and I have illustrated 2 books for children since then. It has been about 4 years now and I still don't feel a 100 % but I have learned how to control my stress level better and to recognize when I need to take a break and chill. Now I am slowly beginning to take steps into figuring out what to do next.

    As horrible as the burn-out was it also made me stop and think what I actually want from life and how I want to live. I had attached so much of my self worth into being a professional artist that I had forgotten about other things in life. You don't have to be so serious about it, even if I end up having some other kind of a day job or a part time job that does not involve art, I don't have to beat myself up over it. It takes time to make it as an artist and meanwhile you have other valuable things in your life. It is all about finding the balance that makes you happy.

  • @Lee-White Thanks for asking, Lee.
    Not sure this is burnout, but;
    When I was younger(about 40yrs ago), family and friends wanted me to draw them, portraits, caricatures.
    That hasn't ended. Plus, "can you draw me a tattoo design?" And other stuff.
    And for free!

    Then, in my teens, "you should be a caricature artist". Stuff like that.

    And now I have a portfolio with caricatures and stuff. But, it's totally useless for any other market.
    Yes, I can draw and paint using different media, and with a not bad level of quality.
    But, AD's and other people don't see it like that.

    So, yeah I'm working on changing my portfolio completely. I get that!
    And I feel like I'm a beginner here, learning a lot. I'm happy with that.

    Yesterday, I got the courage to talk with a gallery. The lady was very generous, and gave me lots of her time, and knowledge.
    There's a ranking system for painters in Japan. So, that puts me at the low end.
    She also told me(and I've heard this before), there are hundreds or more artists that can do similar paintings.
    So my chances of sales are slim.
    Kind of a nice reality check.

    I have options. And I'm into making opportunities happen.
    As an event artist, the pandemic has destroyed this year for me.

    I still have energy. But, I feel like there's a mountain to climb. And, I WILL climb it!
    I feel really burned out!


  • Just listening to the Oct 20th episode on burnout.
    Really enjoying the perspectives here. It has been and continues to be a struggle to define the difference between stress and burnout for myself.

    Been trying to train myself to get up early and go to bed early. So far the late nights are still prevailing. getting better about not having TV on in the "background"

    Part of the burnout i struggle with is from a natural desire to learning new things but also a bit of the perceived need from the industry. As a designer, i feel compelled (unhireable) if my skills don't continue to grow to include print, web, UX, UI, animation, video, production designer, branding, strategy, and illustration. My goal is to go freelance and have the understanding to clearly communicate with talent i'd hire/contract for jobs when those skillsets are needed.

    But to the real pressing info from this episode and question possed by @Lee-White. The Roadrunners "Beep Beep" was pulled from real life. Art imitates life right. The animation team at Warner Brothers pulled it from a co-worker walkin through the office he'd say ""hmeep hmeep" when he coudlnt see where he was going.

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    @iamreedicus thanks for that! Love hearing where this stuff comes from!

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