Wacom or Ipad?

  • Technology question here: I am in the market to upgrade my digital tools with a budget of $2000 (I've done some saving). I own a high powered laptop that runs my Adobe CC subscription. I also have an ancient IMac (2010) that allows me to see my work on a large screen, but doesn't have the computing power to do a bunch (the opperating system is maxed out at Serria (I think). I also own weird Wacom mobile studio that works like a cintq when connected to either device. It sort-of allows me to draw on the go...but it has an old Android opperating system which will not download new drawing apps...I'm stuck with Autodesk on the go. Here's the question: get an ipad pro or a bigger wacom cintq?

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    @Laurasketches I guess it depends if you prefer drawing on the go or in different positions/places, or if you'd rather have a fixed set-up at your desk. There's a lot of good things to be said about flexibility that the ipad pro gives you, and I know many artists who got a second lease on the artistic life when they got their ipad. On the other hand, I personally really value my fixed working station setup at my desk. Working on the ipad gives me headaches and posture problems, and it annoys me not to have access to all my tools on the ipad. At my work station, everything is optimized for comfort so I'm able to draw for multiple hours every day without issue, and if in the middle of a project I need to switch between programs and tools, I easily can. I also really like my 2 monitors for being able to show references or entertainment while I work. So again, it will depend on your lifestyle and what you value most, that will make your own workflow easier.

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    @Laurasketches i have an ipad but photoshop’s cmyk capabilities is the reason I got a cintiq. When working on a project that’s going to get printed, I want my colors to be as accurate as Possible.

  • @Laurasketches iPad's great if you want to be mobile. But if that's not a necessity I'd go with the cintiq.

    Couple of reasons why.

    -Your computer is upgradeable. An iPad is not. iPads are designed with obsolescence in mind. A regular ol' cintiq should work with whatever computer hardware you buy for a VERY long time. My iPad is already starting to do funny things with every updated OS. My cintiq's been hooked up to 4 different computers.

    -With a Cintiq you can use pretty much whatever program suits you. With an iPad you're limited.

    I'm sure I'll think of more later, but if you already own a decent laptop I'd go with the cintiq 🙂

  • Alright....I hear y'all about the cintq....Here's another question: I am able to use my Wacom Mobile Studio as a Cintq BUT it has a 16' sceen...and that feels REALLY cramped when I'm working. Optimal size? (I'm thinking a 22....)

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    @Laurasketches i currently have the cintiq pro 16 and yes, I feel it’s too cramped as well. I would love to have a bigger screen. If you can afford it, then go for it, girl! 😅❤

  • Has anyone found resources for purchasing quality used wacom cintqs? And does the HD model make that much difference.... the pricing is substantially higher....?

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    @Laurasketches i’d sell you mine if I could. I’d really like to upgrade to a bigger size. 😂

  • @Braden-Hallett said in Wacom or Ipad?:

    My iPad is already starting to do funny things with every updated OS. My cintiq's been hooked up to 4 different computers.

    Hmmm you bring up a really good point that I haven't seen mentioned before. I also will have to say with each update I get odd problems where Procreate crashes or things just don't work right. It's kind of stayed my hand a little bit in upgrading to the Pro since that is getting into the Cintiq price range once you've bought the pencil.

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    @Nyrryl-Cadiz @Laurasketches I second that about the Cintiq size. I got a 16" Cintiq Pro because of when I bought it, i.e., it was the only size of Pro out. I really do wish I had a larger screen!

  • Here I am with my 13" Cintiq determined to grind it down to nothing before I buy a new one, lol. I'm pretty sure (knock on wood) my cintiq'll just keep going until I grind my stylus through the glass 😃

    I am most jealous of the 16" and over!

  • @Braden-Hallett I was wrong--I have a 13" screen--I feel your pain. AND It might be because it was designed to be both computer and tablet and screen, but when I connect it to photoshop, it will not give me a full zoom... so my working area is reduced to about 5X5 inches...(grrr) Hence the shop

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