July Wizard of Oz WIP

  • I like the illustration 9comments appreciated tho) !)but think maybe the cover is a bit fussy? Was aiming for a gold gilt effect.....
    thoughts please...

    wizard of oz book cover fin.jpg

  • @rachelpenman not 9 comments! any comments...bloomin' autocorrect..

  • SVS OG

    @rachelpenman Love your lettering and decorative elements on the cover!!I'm not sure this is worth mentioning because so many folks are excited about the red shoes...but Warner bros. owns the red shoes trademark and they do not exist in the book...the prompt is to illustrate the book and not to illustrate the movie...lots of folks are doing ruby slippers though...other thing would be Dorothy's age is 10 years old i believe in the book...i don't know.... my own Dorothy illustration started out older but i had to finally give in to what was actually in the book and redraw her as a kiddo - that's my two cents - feel free to ignore - cool lettering and composition!

  • Hi Rachel, I think that framing really gives that classical look to the cover, but maybe the vertical lines are a bit distracting, especially in the top part, you could try a version without them.
    Cant wait to see your update!

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