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  • I like to draw digitally and would like to follow along in procreate. For this specific course and classes in general can I stick to drawing on my iPad Pro?

  • @Ari-Sorokin

    I don't think there's anything in that class that can't be done in Procreate. BUT if you use the worksheets I would make a very great effort to NOT ZOOM OUT. A lot of How to Draw Everything is about training your eyes + hands to work together in big spaces and small spaces and being able to zoom in isn't going to help you with that (particularly on the straight line exercises and the ones with the cubes). I still use some of them when on my iPad (I was a traditional artist originally) to train my hand because the surface is so much more slippery than pencil and paper.

    That being said, really all you need for How to Draw Everything is a pencil, paper, and the printed out worksheets and I think you'll probably get more out of it doing it that way. Depending on the size of your iPad a couple of the exercises would probably be more difficult as well because you'll need room for both your reference and your drawing area (the contour assignment and Skullchaser come to mind).

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    I downloaded the PDFs to my Macbook laptop, then exported each page as a separate 300dpi JPG from Preview. I was then able to load them into Procreate as images using Airdrop, and create layers on top of them. That allowed me to open up the reference images on my laptop computer screen, and draw on my iPad without having to split my iPad screen to see the reference. It was tedious, but it was worth it to me, personally.

    I would echo @korilynneillo's thoughts about zooming in and and out of the image. The fixed scale of the image is part of the learning and the challenge. If you need to get closer to see more detail, get your face closer to the iPad instead of pinching outward to make the image bigger. Working with these on regular printer paper in the traditional style is the better approach, and you'll probably learn more. I regret doing so much digitally, as I developed quite a few crutches that haven't served me very well in the long run... 7 times to make a habit, 7x7 to break it... Just do yourself a favor and stay strong now while you're learning. You'll thank yourself in the end.

  • SVS OG

    @Ari-Sorokin I’m doing this class right now and I’m just using pencils and pens and things. I agree you could probably do it digitally, but the only tools I didn’t already have on hand were the grey copic markers. Most of it is pretty basic stuff. I just used what I could find laying around. I’ve also had to redo a few of the assignments because I’m not great with ink and once it’s down it’s down. I actually don’t think that’s a drawback though, it’s just more practice.

  • SVS OG

    @Ari-Sorokin definitely! Procreate and an ipad pro would be perfect. Though you can still work using paper and a pencil

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