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  • I'm learning lights & shadows and could use yall's opinion. Does this look like I'm on the right path? If not, any tips would be appreciated. I learning lights & shadows and could use yall's opinion. Does this look like I'm on the right path? If not, any tips would be appreciated.

    Venny The raccoon small v2 (2).jpg

  • Is the fox's fur supposed to be white, or are the markings supposed to be different local values? It looks like you might be timid to put in some dark values. I do see very subtle value shifts, but the piece as a whole looks like the same value gray. Are you taking the light and shadow class right now?

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    @Travion-Lawrence hi! Great drawing. Looking at your piece, I can almost notice no definition. Your shadows are too similar in shade with your local color and you don’t seem to have any lights. My suggestion is to increase the contrast between your lights and darks.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz @TessaW Ya, I was worried about making areas too bright or dark. The markings are where the colors change. It is all the same grey value, and I was going to add color later. I was thinking that it would help me focus on the lighting and shading. Class wise, I'm not taking any class. I'm getting what I know from youtube videos.

    P.S. Thank you for the help

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    @Travion please take my lighting and shadow class. You really need it and it is set up as a step by step on how to add tone to images. It will save you a massive amount of time.

  • @Lee-White I'm going to do that, now. I'm usually hesitant about paying for classes, but the 30-day free trial fixes that issue.

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    @Travion Sounds good. I know you didn't ask for my advise on this, but I'd like to offer some. If you want to be a good artist, you should get some training that is specific and follows some kind of path. Paying for good teachers will save you literally years of struggle. I am not saying that so you join SVS. You can sign up with any school whether that is a brick and mortar school or another online platform like schoolism, or whatever. Trying to cobble together an education from free random resources may set you back more than it will help you.

    Where I like free resources is if I'm looking for extremely specific information. Like how to build a brush in photoshop or how to do a perfect wash in watercolor. But that is where the free stuff ends. It doesn't really cover an actual education.

  • @Lee-White Thank you for the advice. I going to try these classes and hope they help me improve.

  • @Travion I'm going to completely second what @Lee-White says here, only because I'm not anything to do with SVS I can say that the SVS training is a superb choice to help you progress your art skills, and will be way more structured than random Youtube videos (which should be more on a need by need basis, as Lee suggests). Follow the courses here and you will definitely level up. 🙂

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