Welcoming critiques!

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    I live by an idea that I don’t know what I don’t know. Some I’m looking to hear from all who would like to share their thoughts! Thanks for your time and patience.

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    @dafoota this looks good! One thing though is that in the book the wicked witch has only one eye 😉

  • @Kevin-Longueil oh wow! I didn’t know that! Thank you! Was it like a patch?

  • @dafoota hi, firstly i like the concept, however there seems to be an inconsistency in the drawing. The witch is well drawn, looks like you took some time over that, but the yellow brick road and the mountain arent of the same standard. Its not really clear why the road has to twist and turn so much, as it doesnt really get much smaller in the distance, and the mountain is all the same value, suggesting its not a particularly far distance. There is little of interest in the mountain either.
    The emerald city doesnt really look like a city at the moment, more like a bunch of green needles. In the books it still is a functioning place (in fact in earlier versions i think it was a normal city painyed white, and the citizens were made to wear green glasses).
    Im not sure about the airbrushing behind the font, looks a bit cheap. Maybe a white font would work better perhaps?

  • @gavpartridge respect! Thank you for your time and honesty! Sometimes I look at a piece and knows something is off but can’t really tell or assume I’m just doubting too much. Thank you! Thank you! This is perfect! Much love! ONE!

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    @dafoota No patch is mentioned in the book...the book is very different than the movie ..i find it a bit dark...i'm thinking we need to steer clear of imagery from the movie - the green skin is a an invention of the movie also - the witch did not have green skin in the book ...also no ruby slippers - they are silver 🙂

  • @Kevin-Longueil Good knowledge sir, good knowledge! And definately no sodding rainbows!! Lol.

  • I think @gavpartridge gave an excellent critique. He hit the points I was thinking as well. It is a really striking image overall, so I think you are on to something @dafoota!

    @Kevin-Longueil I started listening to the audiobook, and was wondering if the silver slippers were going to turn to ruby at some point! It will be interesting to try to catch all the differences. The blue and white gingham dress sounds like it's still a go.

  • @TessaW i did a bit of wiki on it, turns out its an allegory for late 19th century fincial change or something in america. Yellow brick road is gold standard, silver slippers represent silver standard, whatever that is, dorothy represents average citizen, scarecrow the farmers, it goes on an on, properly deep. And all this time i just thought it was a just kids story!

  • @dafoota Have you considered making the text white instead of using an outer glow?

  • @TessaW Yes it was spot on...Ive been letting it marinate for a while...It was so wholesome and delicious. Also right to the point. Much Love. ONE!

  • @dafoota This revision is looking good. I'm glad you toned down the halo around the lettering. I thought that was a bit distracting but it looks good now. I'm wondering if you could put a little of the green glow from the city into the eyeballs. Might make it punch more.

  • @dafoota Oh yeah, that glow is much better, looks more like part of the scene! I think I might still change the text color though, it's getting a bit lost when you squint at it.

  • I think it's much improved, but there are 2 issues that give me pause.

    1. For me the biggest issue is that the text looks like an after thought. The title has very little impact due to a combo of color and size. If you haven't done so- I would make a bunch of small, rough mock ups, playing with the text and with secondary elements . Example:


    2.The way you've rendered the nose and around the mouth is very interesting- you've made small detailed strokes to divide between the light and shadow, but you haven't used this same method elsewhere. My eye wants to focus right on her nose, despite her eyes being so intense. I'd either carry this kind of rendering elsewhere, or simplify the shadow and light division in nose/mouth area in order to unify the rendering of the cover.

  • @Jonathon-B-Baker-0 nothing but gratitude

  • @carlianne thank you for your time and patience

  • @TessaW Those are awesome. thank you for your time and patience. Thank you for being patient with me responding. I just happen to not even see the notification for when you did comment. Yeah I should have done something with the eye and the lettering. I might have naturally fixed the nose focused in my submission. I really enjoy honest feedback and enjoy reading critiques throughout the forum to learn what i can. Thank you. Much love. ONE!

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