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  • Hi there!
    So I’m pretty new to digital art, and quite honestly struggle with it. I only have a Wacom intuos tablet that you plug in. I just saw that they have a new “full”
    Photoshop for the iPad Pro, and I think I could really like it. Does anyone have experience or suggestions?

  • Hi @Passion-Hart Photoshop on the ipad is not fully working yet. But it has improved a lot and they keep adding new features. If you have an Adobe subscription then there's Adobe Fresco which is for digital drawing and painting. That's what I've been using, its my favorite drawing app.

    Another good drawing app is Procreate which you can just buy a standalone version, without a subscription.

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    @Jules Photoshop is a huge program, and very RAM hungry! I have a gaming PC and it still sometimes lag. There's no way the ipad can run a "full" version, it's going to be missing a ton of stuff. If you're new to digital stuff though, you might not miss it? Btw the Wacom Intuos is really great. It's what I've used all through my career, had it since I was in college, still the best tool ever. I've never taken to Cintiq tablets and they're absolutely not necessary to make professional grade art.

  • @NessIllustration Okay that sounds about right. The full version sounded a little too good ;). I love what you said about cintiqs though too, cause I've been thinking a lot about it. Thanks for your input!

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    @Jules with MacOS Catalina you can run photoshop on your iPad wirelessly or wired through the built in “sidecar” feature - I just updated my MacBook Pro to Catalina to try it - it works - interface is a bit cramped on the iPad screen though - I wonder if the full photoshop for iPad has a different user interface? Also do you need a separate subscription for CC for the iPad I wonder...that would not be cool

  • @Kevin-Longueil it's made for touchscreen on the ipad so the panels are thinner. It does most things when it comes to photos. I'm just waiting for them to add import brushes (not much use without this) and being able to edit image size then it'll do mostly what I need for editing on the go. I kind of like it streamlined as making masks is easier with the ipencil. Just a bit more intuitive than desktop.

    It's included with all subscriptions. I think the photography sub includes - photoshop, lightroom and fresco.

  • @sigross This is great thanks!!

  • @Kevin-Longueil I didn’t know that, that’s a good thing to think about! Thank you!

  • @Jules @NessIllustration Have to say I have a different opinion on the Cintiq. I have been working on Intuos for years and for the past 6 months I have switched to Cintiq. The ability to draw on screen makes the process for me so much more faster and entertaining. Few weeks back I had to switch to Intuos for few days as the Cintiq stopped working because of the Windows update (a big downside, I'll agree), but I can never see myself switching back. We all have differet preferences of the tools we work with, but I just had to give a Cintiq a shoutout 🙂

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    @Jules if you’re new to digital art, procreate will be great for you. It’s not that complicated and it’s really great for drawing and painting. I started with intuos and though i managed for a while, using screen tablets like ipad pro and the cintiq has been game changers for me. My process is faster, more enjoyable, and less painful. I was having carpal tunnel syndrome with the intuos. Right now, the only thing slowing me down is my laziness. 😂😂😂

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    @TamaraDomuzin I know lots of people swear by the Cintiq and it has totally revolutionized their work, and I'm really happy for them! Like you say each has their own preferences for tools 🙂 But since everyone sings the Cintiq's praises, in recent years I've seen this trend of new digital artists getting the impression that a Cintiq is basically required to even begin or you won't get anywhere. Which is a large barrier to entry because Cintiqs are so expensive! And it's a made-up barrier to entry... I remember when I was in school and I was using a small beat up Bamboo tablet, and was so jealous of the super high tech large Intuos tablets the other students had! It seemed like the Intuos was this be-all-end-all tech wonder for professionals haha 🙂 Now people look at it like "I ONLY have that thing, can I even get anywhere with that?". Heck I managed to make it to pro with my old beat up Bamboo and the Intuos I now use seriously has everything one needs to make professional work. The Cintiq is like the step above, the creme de la creme for pros who have cash to spare. It's a wonderful tool, but definitely not needed just to get started!

  • @NessIllustration Definitely agree that Cintiq is just one of the options, it definitely shouldn't be considered as required to start anything. If I didn't had the opportunity to buy it, I would still be happy with my Intuos, and my work would still be of the same quality. I just wanted to add this as I might have sounded like some Cintiq snob in my last post 😀 .
    Plus, when I get a notification of Windows update (and think to myself ''Not today, Satan'', and push it for another week as the Cintiq usually stops working afterwards) I question whether I should see what the return policy on this thing is? 😀

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    @TamaraDomuzin To be fair my Intuos stops working too every time Windows updates hahaha... I don't think this has anything to do with our tablets, it's Windows breaking stuff. Every time I swear!

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