Filling the Background

  • Anyone else ever have trouble filling the background?

    I want to create "cluttered" pieces but seem to get stuck with filling the spaces.

    Here's a current wip of mine where I'm feeling like a cluttered messy background would be really nice, but I just bleh don't even know what to put in sometimes.... brain melting...

    😃 oh well! Suggestions welcome!


  • I love the old fisherman character.

    Here are a few thoughts:

    If you were to shift the tank and books in the foreground so they were closer to the viewer and maybe a little lower down the page, you could potentially see more items against the wall and reduce the empty space under the table.

    Items that could be against the wall: a dresser or bookshelf stacked with books and papers and clothing items hanging out of drawers.

    Here are a few more items that could help add clutter (just looking at my desk, haha):

    Box of tissues
    Weather gauge or barometer or something similar
    Desk lamp
    Fishing tackle box
    Old rubber boots
    A clamp or vice connected to the table
    Tools (screwdriver, pliers, wrenches, filet knife and cutting board)
    Fly-tying clamp (for fly fishing)
    Soldering iron
    A shelf mounted to the wall with kitschy wood carvings on it
    A desk-mounted magnifying glass

    Also, I'm not sure if it's his home or a shop (or both) so some items might feel more out of place than others.

    Just some brainstorming. Hope it's helpful! Looks like a fun image.

  • @Christijan Ah!!! Excellent suggestions! Thank you

    I am imagining it as a bit a home and a bit of a workshop so I think all of your suggestions are spot on.

  • SVS OG

    How about some personal items - coffee cup, pens, photos, source of music, half-eaten sandwich, a cat on the aquarium, phone, headphones...stuff we tend to accumulate when we're working.

  • What a fun image! Perhaps you can include large items in the background like furniture or equipment to show us what kind of room it is. Living room? Kitchen? Garage? Love the design of the old man!!

  • @Kat - that is a great idea, i especially like the half eaten sandwich hahaha

    @aprilshin thank you!! that is a good idea - I think I got nervous about adding things because I hadn't thought further through the story - but now that you are mentioning what room this even is it has me thinking "omg Elia, you didn't even think about those things!!" so now I will!!

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