Isolation WIP - this one probably end up being more than 50 thumbnails.

  • It is always very challenging for me to decide on a direction for a very open-ended prompt. After 30ish thumbnails, I manage to kind of narrow down a bit. It looks like my subconscious speaks loudly here - I uses mostly roundish shapes for the subject because I find isolation and being along is meloncholic and very enjoyable at the same time:-).
    A bit of notes for my thumbnails:

    1. A girl is painting on her little planet, with a busy universe behind her. (Inspired by "little prince").
    2. Alone in the woods.
    3. A girl is writing inside a messenge bottle, which was caught by sea weeds.
    4. A girl flew to teh moon to find a quiet place to paint. (I guess it is a variation of the same idea as thumbnail no.1)
    5. A reference to "The gaint garden". A gaint sitting along in his winter garden. Outside of his garden, the spring has arrived, kids play, and bird singing.
    6. A variation of the same idea as thumbnail No.2.

    What do you guys think? Anything interesting caught your eyes? or maybe I need to keep going for a lit longer?

  • @xin-li I can see why choosing is a challenge. My personal favorite is 3 for both concept and composition. Plus I like the way you render fish, so would like to see that one finished. The only one I might not understand at this thumbnail stage is 5 because he doesn't quite look like a giant. Maybe that's the lack of detail. I do like the idea of isolation as a personal winter. Which one are you leaning towards?

  • I am leaning towards no.1. I do not know how to render the background yet. I want to have a sort of messy and a bit abstract painting feel. But I think maybe the concept is not very clear - it might just a half-baked idea rather than a concrete concept.

  • Hi @xin-li, all look very interesting but I like 3 the best!

  • I like 1 and 3 the best. Something so nice about both of them. I might prefer 1 slightly more but they were the ones that spoke to me.

  • I think 1 and 3 are great concepts and I'd like to see them illustrated, but I feel like 2 has something simple and elegant going on. It fits the solitude of isolation well and doesn't leave me with the questions of 1 and 3. I'm a bit stuck filling in the blanks on what the planet/spaceship are all about in 1. In 3 it just makes me sad that she wouldn't fit through the bottle.

    That said, again I think any of those will be magical rendered. 🙂

  • @carolinebautista, @Jeremy-Ross, @Coley, @Ryan-Ehr thank you for the feedback. I will chew a bit and maybe do another round of thumbnails before I proceed further :-). I love being in this stage of not commiting to any idea, but I also find it really challenge as I always feel the lack of originality in my concepts.

  • SVS OG

    I like the girl I. A bottle best 🙂

  • I like 2 and 3 the best. I can feel the notion of isolation in these 2 the most. I get the feeling of silence, and being with oneself.

  • I like 3 best and 1 best. I too would love to see some more of your fish.

  • @Kat @Jennyann @chrisaakins, thank you for weighing in. It got me think clearer. I struggle with this prompt. I think some of my thumbnails could work, but I kind of feel it is not "IT" for me yet. I want to digg a bit more on what is isolation for me. I really like the technology isolation idea by @chrisaakins. I wish I have thoguht about that 🙂

  • @xin-li you can use it!

  • @chrisaakins thank you. I may do it.

  • @xin-li
    Hi @xin-li Nos. 1 and 3 are so interesting. I'm curious about how you are going to color them. No. 3 is a very nice illustration, is she a siren?

  • @Mara-Price I have not given much thoughts on the color. I think I have some clear idea on the color for no.2 and 6. But I do not know about no1. and 3. In terms of the method of doing color study, I think I want to try Braden's quick mini painting approach.

  • @xin-li I like the look of 3 in your thumbnail but quite like the stories in flying to the moon to paint alone and the giant in the garden.

  • I think the bottle is most interesting and has a lot of potential for both a cool composition and presentation

  • I like #3 best. I think the bottle composition would make a beautiful illustration 😊

  • @Heather-Boyd @Taigyo @K-Flagg
    Thank you so much for weighing in. I am so surprised by how many vote No.3 got. Seems like the composition is quite sucessful to draw attension compared to the others.

    I also like the composition. But I am struggle with the concept, mainly because the feel of the illustration is not exactly how I relate to the topic of Isolation. I think I may go with no.1 or no.6 concept wise, and work on the comp a bit more before proceeding to painting.

    Heck, I might just paint the girl in the bottole for fun, but not for the contest :-). I am having a week off to spend extra time with my daughtor before she goes back to the kindergarten next week. So looking forward to get back to painting again next week.

  • SVS OG

    Actually, I like number 1. It seems very you somehow!

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