light and shadow for illustrators demo assignment!

  • hi everyone! hope everyone is safe and doing well.
    this is my demo assignment from lee whites class on light and shadow. any comments would be soo appreciated 🙂
    mine are all the circled/ squared pictures.
    LightandShadow_Assignment with shadows 2.jpg

    now that im finished all the courses from level one of the curriculum, im going to now spend about a week or so, maybe longer, before starting level 2, by drawing objects from lots of different angles and POVs and perspectives , and ill be taking the best of each object and adding tone, shadow and light as i learned to do in Lee's course! ill be including my own drawings of an interior, an exterior and robot of my own, as well as other things.

    if anyone has ideas of other excersices i can do to further my skills, please let me know, im still quite a beginner and i really want to be able to draw like all you guys 😁 😁

    cant wait to update you all on my progress in doing these drawings!

    thanks all

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    Looks great!

  • SVS OG

    @Leah-Katz i think you nailed it! 😀

  • @Lee-White
    thanks Lee for checking it out! that was a great class, which has taught me lots!

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