April WIP brings May.... Robots?

  • Ok so I’m beginning the April WIP... I’m going to try to keep it pretty simple because my hope is that I can.... wait for it......

    Build it.

    So after commenting on Will’s post about our dreams I thought long and hard about all the excuses I’ve been making about why I am not putting some of my dreams into action. So here we go. Baby steps. I’m hoping I can accomplish a dimensional illustration for this months prompt.

    Here are my two compositions- again staying very simple because... sculpture lol but let me know what you guys think. Either of these work? Or back to the drawing board.

    BFC0D9B6-2CE4-43CA-AE28-39629CB5974E.jpeg )

  • Wow. Building this is an awesome idea! I am looking forward to see How it turns out.

    I love your concept. I think it is so filled with humour and wit. Because the robot worked just fine until it just totally blew up 😅
    I like the second image best. Like your vision of the girl in this one.

  • @Mymblearts thank you! Glad it gave you a chuckle! I lean towards that version too (plus I was nervous about creating flying objects 😂😂😂)

    Thank you! Wish me luck! Haha

  • @EliaMurrayArt Build it with what? I can't wait to see.

  • @carolinedrawing all kinds of stuff! Clay, wire, fabric... I’ll definitely post WIPs! 😄

  • Wow, big challenge! I like pose 2, can't wait to see what happens!

  • @EliaMurrayArt so fun!!! I think 2 works better. It took me a little while to figure out what was happening in 1.

    Love it

  • Please don't hate me for this comment, I promise it's meant with the best of intentions. I know nothing about you yet (but I will check out your website, its almost certain you have one) Its clear you have ability just from the sketches. So, I think you could do more with the concept. The whole premise of this challenge suggests something unexpected, or humorous. that's the set up. I think you could do better than for the robot to simply explode. I know your going to build this, which in itself is remarkable. That's why i'm saying this. If you're going to take all that time and effort, I think there should be another storytelling element. A bit more difficult to do in sculpture than illustration, I grant you, but still. Nevertheless, if you could build either one of these, it would still be pretty sweet.

  • Yep, knew you had one, and yes, its quality! lol.

  • @gavpartridge I really appreciate you saying this. Fortunately, since building takes some time, I'll definitely put some thought into it as I work on the Lisa puppet and see what I can come up with!

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and giving me a push - it really really is appreciated haha sometimes we need a kick in the pants.

  • @EliaMurrayArt No worries, I felt a bit embarrassed when I saw your stuff, you are very skilled! I definitely want to see these models! out of interest, are you a full time employed artist? Sorry if that's a ridiculous question and you work for Pixar or something, i'm just interested.

  • @gavpartridge hahaha I LOVE that you think I could work for Pixar! And please don’t feel embarrassed or like you can’t comment. We are all here to learn and I don’t know a single artist, no matter how high up in the industry, who doesn’t benefit from another set of eyes.

    I am a fully employed artist, but I do not work in illustration/animation. I work as a designer and painter for a small company that works primarily in the hospitality industry (so a lot of abstract art haha) My dream would be to work as a full time illustrator. Hopefully someday. But I am still learning and growing. I hope I will always be learning and growing and never become too “big” to take criticism.

    Besides, you’re correct. This is a bit of a lazy shot at this concept haha but I am also very nervous about building a robot puppet 😂😂😂😂 and so I blew it up to avoid having to actually build one.

    So I will give this a good hard think and see what my brain can come up with.

  • Step 1: building the bones of Lisa 👍☠

    Edit: a little info on what I'm using/doing.

    Starting with the armeture. I like using 20lb wire, and depending on the sculpture I double or triple it up - parallel to itself and wrap it in thread. I know some people twist wires together, but I find that that can weaken the wires. So by using them parallel and binding them with string you can actually get more bend with them, and if one happens to break! Well you've for a second one still usable. With bigger sculptures I'll sometimes line up lots of little wires together in a bundle like this so that it is extra strong. (Think like a bundle of sticks)

    I use steel stick to create a "rib cage" and "hips". This is kind of toxic, so please use gloves and in ventilated area.

    I use square brass tubes (large 4.76mm and small 3.97mm).These nest into each other to create wrists and neck joints. These are extremely useful because then you can replace the heads/hands. But even more important, you can take the head and hands on and off so that you can fit shirts on!


  • @EliaMurrayArt I’m excited to follow along 😃

  • @EliaMurrayArt I just visited your website and saw you do needle felting. I’ve done a bunch too. I have so much wool right now . I should start doing some felting again!

  • @Coley Omgosh you totally should!!! I love needle felting - I have a separate instagram account for needle felting - @eliamurraycreations. I'm TERRIBLE at posting on it. especially because I've been really trying to focus on my illustration work more. But I LOVE needle felting and sculpting in general!

  • Step 2: fill out body with wool! I like using the wool because I can kind of sculpt the body with needle felting.

    Wondering if people would like me to explain what I am doing? Or just see the photos? Because I could go into more depth with tools, techniques etc. But I don't want to yammer on.


  • Yammer away please! I’m really interested! I just looked at your amazing needle felts, they must have taken weeks to do!

  • @Coley thank you! Yea most of them took quite a chunk of time. I find them so relaxing Haha

  • Step 3: Drafting the clothing.
    For this step, it is a but of trial and error for me at my skill level. As I am not great at drafting garments. Fortunately at this scale and for this type of work I'm not too concerned with it being perfect. It just needs to fit and look like a shirt.

    So I've marked where I know I want the shirt to end (plus some length for hemming) and where the sleeves will go and hole for the neck. I like using graph paper because it can help measure and keep things straight but any paper works.

    Then I cut the paper out and lay it over folded fabric. This wag when I cut it out - I'll get two of the same piece to stitch together!

    20200412_090902.jpg 20200412_091014.jpg

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