Suggestions and critique on tone sketch of a little fox, please!!!

  • hi all! just started this little guy. I want to know if the concept reads well, it is supposed to be a little fox curled up inside a mossy old log. Struggling to keep the focus on the face with that dappled lighting... But it think i can fix that with color and saturation. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated. Any suggestions for other little plants and such to scatter around would be appreciated too!! All i can think of is mushrooms, moss, and ferns haha. thank you!!!!!


  • @Amelia-Bothe this looks so beautiful and cozy!love the vibe of this.

    Regarding the focus on the head and the lighting why dont you make the hole above his head bigger?that way more lightning will enter and make its face lighter and the focus would shift there!
    Also i really like that there is not so much planting there!I think the mushrooms are perfect!Have you considered making some bugs or some critters like that?

    Great job!!Thanks for sharing!

  • It looks perfect to me, and super cute, can't wait to see how this turns out.

  • Beautiful, as @Amelia-Bothe suggested, adding more light to the facial area would pull the focus to that area and it would make the picture read clearer. Also the background and the foreground seem to have very similar tonal values. You might try tweeking that just a little by making either the foreground or the background a little bit darker or lighter. It would give the sketch more separation and clarity. How ever keeping the focus on the character, so being careful not make the background or the foreground too crisp, so that it does not shift the focus of the piece.

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    This is freaking adorable. As far as more plants, I think the ones you mentioned are good. Not too many plants that grow inside a log aside from mold and fungus. Maybe algae. Maybe you could add nesting type debris that the fox brought in to make its den more cozy. Bird feathers from her last meal😜.

  • Really nice fox and light.

    At first I thought he was in a culvert because the inside surface of the log is too smooth and the holes a little too regular. The rotten logs I have in my wooded area have rotten wood pulp gathered on the floor of the log. I'm not sure I've ever seen capped mushrooms inside a log but there could be patches of different colored slime and fungus on the walls. The holes look a little too much alike. Holes would likely follow the grain of the wood which runs up and down the tree when it's growing. Here that would be foreground and background. As the wood breaks through, it would leave more of a pointy shaped hole following the direction of the wood grain. Maybe vary a few of the holes, which will give you more choices in the shape of the dappled light. Also consider some cobwebs or a bit of spider web someplace if it doesn't distract from the focus. The adorable fox is very like-able and makes me want to hope for his success.

  • Cute little guy. I love how relaxed the facial expression and body posture is. The whole image makes me feel warm and cozy, and all fuzzy on the inside. I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but it reads fine to my eyes. As you mentioned, color and saturation will surely clarify any potential tonal issues. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished artwork!


  • @hakepe totally gree with everything here!! I'm on to the painting stage now so i'll definitely keep these things in mind, thank you!! 🙂

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos ohh glad it feels cozy, yay! That was my goal haha. and little bugs will certainly be considered now, thank you for the suggestions!!!

  • @burvantill ooh, i love the idea of bird feathers! thank you so much for the suggestions and kind words : -)

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