Hi!! Over reactive mums comic strip!

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    Hi fellas!!

    Coronavirus frenzy out there!
    Made this as comic practice and cool down after actual work 🙂
    Couple of years have passed since I ve last made a comic strip.as Rusty as I can get.

    What do you think?
    By the way, what is the situation with the new virus trend in your countries?

    Be well
    Giorgos Christopoulos

  • SVS OG

    Well, when it gets bad, the schools close! And the masks (which have been impossible to find for weeks here) are for people who are already sick. But I like that the boy plays the fever trump card. That's an unexpected turn on a common trope.

    I'm in Italy, where the whole country woke up this morning to being in quarantine, except for groceries and work for those who can't work from home.

  • Moderator

    I’m loving that plague mask. 👍
    I’m in Northern California, everyone is on watch in my town but so far so good. There’s been some quarantines but nothing on a large scale. 🤞

  • @LauraA thats true!here in Greece schools closed yesterday.hope you are safe and healthy!

    @burvantill thanks a lot!I m happy for you.stay safe.