What do YOU do?

  • Just curious... what do you do with your "attempts at greatness"? Those of you who work in traditional media, do you just throw out any piece that doesn't turn out the way you intended?

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    They lay hidden in a drawer for 10 years then I give them away to whoever wants them or trash them. Last year was a purge year. So I’m set for a good long time now. Lol.

  • I keep them for a number of years to look back on and see how much I've approved.

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    I haven't drawn traditionally in a long time so I don't have these piling up anymore haha... I still have all my paintings, sketchbooks, etc in boxes, plastic bins, portfolios... I even still have my traditionally animated graduation movie, each frame a sheet of paper, taking up an entire box! If I'd kept drawing traditionally eventually I would have had to get rid of some of that, and even as it is I realize I can't keep all of this forever. I might give it a few more years to emotionally detach, then give another go at throwing everything out in the recycling. Or at least my movie, I know that's the most ridiculous LOL

  • Typically if I am completely unhappy with a work, I'll trash it, but it's been a long time since I've felt a work was a complete fail. That said, I always see someplace where I can improve after I've finished a piece. I think if you don't see room for improvement then you'll never truly be great.

  • @Pinky I have sketchbooks from 20 years ago. It's fun to look back and see progress.

  • Unfortunately I'm a horder and I don't like to part with my memories. I have a craft room at home but it's not big enough for all my stuff. I still have most of my college work in portfolios from 30 years ago - aaaaaaargh!!!

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