Greetings from Italy

  • Welcome, and have fun.

  • Welcome! Hope you find lots of inspiration here, it's an awesome community to be part of! 😃

  • Hello, I'm sure you'll really benefit from SVS, I've not been here long and feel like I've already learned a lot and had great feedback on work. 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @Adriano There are a few of us! I'm actually American, but have been here for a while now and feel an affinity for both cultures.

    I see you're in an area that has been hard hit by the coronavirus 😕 We're a little better off in Torino, but things are hardly normal. I keep telling myself that at least I'll get more drawing done if I stay home. Stay safe!

  • @LauraA Here the situation is becoming quite surreal, the streets are empty compared to the usual, with a lot of people going around with masks and gloves.
    Personally I'm fine, I've been avoiding contact with others, especially with my parents, since I work in the municipality of Nembro that was one with the most cases. They were talking about making it a red zone a week ago already, but since it's a very industrial area they waited for fear of economic damage.
    Starting this week I'm working from home and luckily for me I have hobbies that don't require going out.

  • SVS OG

    @Adriano stay safe guys

  • SVS OG

    @Adriano Yeah, just when you think it can't get any weirder, it does! It takes a lot to keep me inside all day, but now I'm convinced. Hopefully it will make a difference in my illustration! I hope SVS can help you enjoy your time at home more as well. Here's to semi-quarantine drawing!

  • @LauraA @Adriano our area is just starting to be hit with it and I am kinda wishing for a quarantine so I can be forced to draw all day.

  • SVS OG

    @chrisaakins It's a good idea to start early if at all possible. We should have started earlier! Now, if I can just discipline myself to use my time well...

    Buon lavoro a tutti! (Have a good work day, everybody!)

  • We stayed at home even though it is not lockdown yet in Oslo. We all home officed since monday this week, and I took my daughtor out of the kindergarten yesterday. I think the schools are probably going to close down within this week anyway.

    I probably will not get much done as my daughtor is still a toddler and wanting to play with me all day long when we are home together.

    Hope everyone stay safe.

  • @xin-li I remember how hard it was to get stuff done with a young child at home. Stay safe

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