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    One of my resolutions this year was to get serious about finishing some of the SVS classes with all the work done. I have a tendency to watch them while doing laundry and dishes and stuff, which means I’m not actually doing anything. Anyway, I know it’s February and I’ve had a slow start, but I’m getting on it! I have felt very unsure of what to do to grow my skill (especially because all my training up till SVS was just what my high school art teacher taught me 20 years ago). So, I started with the very first class in the new curriculum. I’m creating this thread because I wanted a place to post the exercises for accountability and feedback etc. If anyone else wants to post class work here too, feel free to do so!

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    How to draw everything. First three exercises.
    I think these all need to go on my “warm up” work list. They freak my brain out a little... which is good.

  • These are really well done. Good luck and keep it up. The beginning is hard and you have done it 🙂

  • @Pamela-Fraley I'll definitely need to join. You, i haven't taken it as seriously as is required.

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    B5C04E23-BFD1-4F96-A77D-9DC0B305E392.jpeg 22970E1B-4A31-4254-86E4-38BB86708998.jpeg

    Shapes in perspective. That was not as easy as I thought. The ellipses in the rectangles were especially tricky.

  • @Pamela-Fraley great work. I know this was much harder than I thought when I did them. You are doing really well.

  • @Pamela-Fraley Really nice work, Pamela. And thank you for starting this thread! I've been a member since Jan 1, but thanks to you, I am finally jumping into the forum. I'm roughly where you are at in the course, just starting (finished Perspective and am now wrapping up How to Draw Everything). For now, I work traditionally -- no digital yet. I will share assignments. I love the feedback/accountability. I just tried to upload some of my shapes in perspective but the file was too big, so I'll try again later. Looking forward to seeing more of your work & cheering you and others on!

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    @TooTicky I’m glad you jumped in. The forums are so helpful. It’s helping me stay motivated through all these drawing exercises for sure. 🙂

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    40437ADA-FD82-4E0C-96E3-F13AE724964B.jpeg these are hurting my brain! I never learned any of this stuff and it is so hard to go back and start foundational things when I really just want to draw faces and full illustrations. But, I’m hoping it pays off especially since I know I need some help with shape and perspective.

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    @Pamela-Fraley This kind of stuff helps you understand the shapes in everything that you want to draw, including faces 🙂 This is exactly what you should be doing, and you're doing great!

  • @Pamela-Fraley you are doing great. your practice made me want to go back to practice the foundational things. I recently worked a bit on character turn-around. I found it so hard to do because my foundation was not solid enough. I realized that I need to set time aside to practice more.

    Finishing pieces are fun to do, but the deliberate practicing can help to improve the craft quicker actually.

  • @Pamela-Fraley These look good, Pamela! I'm working hard but my phone takes photos that are too big for this forum and I can't figure out how to compress them! Hopefully I'll get some photos up soon.

    I did Perspective with David Hohn, How to Draw Everything with Jake, and now I'm on Visualizing Drawing in Perspective with Will. With each class, the material from the previous class becomes more clear. I may go back and redo some assignments.

    Visualizing Drawing in Perspective is the most challenging for me so far.

    Keep going!!!!!!

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    @TooTicky Wow! I’m impressed! At this point I’m aiming at trying to get through one class every month or two. I was having trouble posting too, but I noticed that my phone has an option at the bottom to let me select the picture size when I’m choosing my photos. But it only seems to pop up when I select more than one photo. If you have an iPhone, you might be able to do that too. I’m not sure how it works on other devices.

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    Class work finally...

    Congratulations to me! I think I just got someone to take over my administrative job for my husbands business!! I’m back in my SVS classes again and my
    heart is happy. ☺

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    Perspective drawings make my brain hurt. Pushing through!!

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    Draw a car.
    Oh man. This is not my cuppa tea. I think I need to redo this, but I’m posting to see if anyone picks up on any other issues. I’m realizing that Jake has a crazy grasp on perspective. I think my fins are off and my hood isn’t shaped evenly. I also struggled placing the wheels in. If anyone sees anything else, let me know. I’m gonna have another go at this one.

  • @Pamela-Fraley Hi! It's been sometime since I took this class -I am finishing up Objects in Perspective and struggle with quite a bit still but I am challenging myself and growing in the wip. This looks good; the wheels (I have wheel issues worse than you) look like the bottoms are pushing or protruding out.

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    @Pamela-Fraley you’re improving quite nicely!

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    @Heather-Boyd that’s what I was thinking too. I can’t figure out how to fix them. I’m going to try and do this again today. I can do the eclipses in perspective by themselves, but when I put them on another object in perspective, I just lose it. 🤯 my brain can’t handle it.

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    Draw a tree with Jake. I’m sooooo close to officially finishing the first class I’ve done at SVS with EVERY PIECE of the homework! 😆😆

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