How to Launch a Book

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    Art by Will Terry

    How do you market a book? After you’ve done all the fun stuff — writing, illustrating, inventing, creating — you need to figure out a way to sell your book to get it into the hands of your readers. Marketing is just as important a job as illustrating, and perhaps even more important when it comes to courting an audience. Most artists struggle to put themselves out there and market their work, but have no fear: Jake Parker, Lee White and Will Terry discuss the best ways to make your book stand out with unconventional thinking and compelling case studies, and offer some ideas on how to stop your work from languishing on a bookshelf.

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  • Another great show! Great content. I'll never look at a book signing the same way again.

    We did have one bad experience with an author at a bookstore. He was really putting on the sales pitch—mostly to my son (who was about 10 at the time and the book was targeted to his age group)—and kept at us to get the book. We really felt the pressure to buy the book and gave in.

    I think, instead of building his fanbase, he ended up giving off a bad impression.

    BTW. I LOVE THE ROCKET ^^^^ Will Terry!

  • Some good stuff to think about on this episode. Any plans for a "how to self-publish your book" class? I think that could be an excellent addition to your offered courses. You all have self-published some really high quality books and it would be valuable to have some insight on how the process works and how to get a quality book out of it.

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    @Tannie-Smith We are building a whole curriculum around making children's books and publishing in general. Should be out late this year or early next year. : )

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    Great episode guys. But seriously, this one is the best. First off, totally funny moment with my kid. He’s 11 and not really a fan of your podcast as we drive to allergy shots. It’s 30 minutes away and you guys always seem to fall on the days I take him there. I think it’s because I won’t let him play my phone when the podcast is on. So don’t take it personally. Well, @Will-Terry mentions Brandon Mull. I was dying, one of his books was literally on the console between me and my son. I was like “LOOK, see I told you these guys are cool.” You guys may have won a fan with that name drop.

    The next is my friend is in the final stages of launching her kids cooking curriculum. It’s a set of four cookbooks to help kids understand the science and nutrition of cooking. I may also be the illustrator of the book. Just spot illustrations and icons like a spatula or a growth chart of a tomato plant. But still. It was amazing to highlight so many of the things she’s doing right in her business. And still gave her so many things to think about for her launch. She felt like she had to have it finished before she put it out in the world. She finally understood that sharing the process was just another way to hook your audience. It goes to print next month. So she really is about done and ready to fly with it. And for the last three years she’s run a cooking school for kids. Her email list is huge! Well, for me. And it’s of people that have already invested in her teaching their kids.

    Anyways, great podcast. My friend took lots of notes. And as the illustrator, I’ll be out there promoting her book too! Cause she’s a rockstar! B220DD4A-0595-4875-9A47-C82B2FBF71A7.jpeg

  • @Lee-White This is crazy exciting news. Thanks so much!

  • @Lee-White Thanks Lee! Sounds exciting.

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