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    Hey dudes, I have a new youtube video if you are interested. This one is about how to better hit your goals and move forward. These are 5 steps I highly recommend and they can really be a game changer. Hope ya like it! : )


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    @Lee-White your looking pretty buff in this image, is this before hot yoga or after?

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    @Chip-Valecek I go over that whole experience on the next podcast! It's so bizarre and embarrassing!

  • Ohh my god this process goals things awesome.

    here is my plan for the year

    • at least 1 class a day (just got into svs)
    • 1 drawing a day
    • walking 30 minutes a day

    him about to start posting the results in the forums just finishing the creative composition and how to draw everything classes first.

    cheers good video man.

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    @Adolfito-Martinez Glad this video might be helpful. Good luck on those goals! they are good ones!

  • This stuff has been really helpful for me as I work towards my own resolutions. And I’m a 9th grade English teacher, so in class we’ve been setting goals, and tracking habits—related to reading but also study skills, and any extracurricular interests or passions they have. I used some of these tips in class today! Most of them all started with goals that weren’t realistic, so these tips were perfect for freshmen too.

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    @Daniel-Grissom Awesome! Glad to hear it's helping both you and the students! : )

  • @Lee-White I love your systematic way of approaching your goals. I think anyone with a growth mindset definitely has to approach their goals as a gradient rather than a ledge to drop off from for certain. I'm always working towards becoming a better version of myself (whether through how I approach my art process, my business, my personal perspective, or my health.) It all leads back to be one in the same. Do you find making lists helps to solidify your goals? Quite a few people I look up to I find do journaling, meditation, and morning exercise over afternoon. My biggest new goals this year are to work on meditation once a day and correcting my sleep. I'm still on the fence about journaling though. ❤

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    @Jenna-Jenks I don't journal, but I do try to exercise and meditate (briefly) in the mornings. I'm by nature a "morning person". I have a lot of energy and drive in the mornings and need to get both exercise and really creative work done during that period. Over the rest of the day my energy tapers off and around mid afternoon I'm fairly useless. So that is when I answer emails and do other things that don't require huge effort.

    I keep a list of projects that I'm working on, but at the top of it all is a "focus" category. I will pull some activity from my projects up and put it in the focus header and that is the only thing I am worried about. This stops me from being overwhelmed by too many different things competing for attention. This works pretty well so far, although I'm always adjusting things as I go.

  • @Lee-White
    Ah yes, I've heard a good way to attain focus was to each morning write down your top three goals for your day to better ensure that if anything that you meet a daily requirement. It is a good motivational tool, although currently mine is only a list of six things I work to ensure I build a habit of (do something exercise related, 10 minute walk in the sun, reading a book to the kiddos each night, meditation, checking through social media messages/updating at least three times a week, and having at least 10 minutes of uninterrupted time without distractions from phones etc with my husband to talk.) I'm very much not a morning person 😅 but I have to be at work by 6am, so I am by default 😏 I would like to become more motivated in the mornings though as I am a firm believer in time is our biggest asset (I very much admire Marcus Aurelius' teaching regarding stoicism ❤️) A future goal to attain 😊

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    @Lee-White Really great video, super helpful! I do think you missed a crucial step though. Step 0: Define your reasons for wanting to achieve this goal, write down what it will bring you, how it will change your life, why you want it so much. Do a fricking mood board to hang above your desk haha. I used to think this step was just a load of croc, useless. Let's just get started, I don't need this touchy feely crap. The thing is, we CANNOT rely on the power of motivation alone. At first, motivation is there and it's powerful, it's like a wave that carries us off and gets our butt to the gym each day or at the drawing table each night. Building a habit is very important too, yes. But at some point either way, motivation WILL leave us. There will be days were we just do not want to do it, at all. Where even the level 1 seems like too much. When that time comes, that's when we need to have clearly defined why we're doing this. It helps when those reasons are outlined in the beginning (when you are feeling motivated and hopeful) and we can just read them back, remember why it's so important to us to do this. The reason has to be good enough that we will continue towards our goal anyway even after motivation has left us. And in time, motivation always comes back 😉

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    @Lee-White great video. Really great and helpful advice. I’ve been working and setting goals this year. I bought a super expensive planner from Bonnie Christine. You guys seriously need to bring her on to teach a class!

    My goal this year is really just keep the pace and nourish the seeds I planted last year.

    1. Keep my notecard sets current with the season in the boutique that sells my work. That means painting around 3 new sets a season. Possibly get my cards into 3-4 more stores this year.

    2. Figure out how the dog portraits fit in my work flow and paint more of them. But not let it completely take over. This is a one and done, not a residual income source.

    3. Learn how to use my iPad and create work digitally that I like.

    Tell your buddy Jake to make sure he listens to this episode! Our church (I’m part of that religion like will and Jake) has started this huge program and help our kids and teenagers set their own goals for growth rather than check off the boxes in a booklet as in years past. Your talk is extremely applicable to them. I LOVE the way you phrased “process vs outcome.” That is spot on. I will be taking so many of your points and sharing that with the kids I teach at church.

    I’m also going to make sure my husband listens to it too! He sets completely unattainable goals! Maybe he will listen to you. Seriously, the 9 year old needs to be able to cook five recipes. Baby steps.

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    @NessIllustration Love that idea! I'll add it to the notes at the bottom.

    @Whitney-Simms glad ya liked it! Good luck with your goals!

  • last year, out of the blue, my 12 year old started making his own hot chocolate (and most of the time his own lunches) and bringing it to the ski club on weekends. When the school year was over, I looked through his school work and saw that when he wrote out his resolutions, one of them was to save money by always bringing hot chocolate and not spending money on hot chocolate! Then he thought about the lunches too. So, we adults could take a cue from the 12 year old lol and start with small achievable goals 😉 just like you said in the video! (I'm a proud mama ha ha so I had to say that!!!!).
    I am turning 50 later in March, so I decided that instead of "getting in the best shape of my life - (which would be pretty cool but it would probably deflate me as I used to be super fit doing triathlons etc and I don't have that much time anymore) that I was going to work at getting FIFTY strength workouts in before the big birthday.This allows for a fair number of off days too. I walk, hike, ski and/or run every day but I am not reliable on the weights. So I have a loose plan to accomplish so many per week, have fallen slightly behind but that's life, hoping to catch up as there are plenty of rest days built in there anyhow. I may catch up but even if I get 70% done I am well ahead of where I typically have been in the past with strength training! Also am doing it right in my living room cuts travel time and gym costs.
    I get lots of ideas on goals for art but mostly I am aiming for the 5 hours per day - trying the 50 minutes at a time thing and it is helping. So I am trying that as a process goal as well 🙂
    thanks for the video!

  • Great goal setting steps and presentation Lee! I plan to implement steps 2 and 4 right away. This last year was the first year that I set realistic art goals for myself. What I found difficult and important was not taking on personal projects that would take me away from my working toward those goals. At this point (now that I've set a pattern) I might have to be a little easier on my self though (Step 4) and allow myself a little bit of time for other things. Maybe I'll start rewarding myself (step 5) with time to do some other fun things.

  • @NessIllustration You are always very wise. Your point reminded me a Japanese term I learn at some point - "ikigai", roughly translated as “the reason you get out of bed every morning”

  • @deborah-Haagenson @NessIllustration you had a great idea for your step 0. These reasons or my primary purpose would be what I would want to be sure to stay focused on and not take time away from. When unmotivated as you said, maybe there's something else you want to do that day that still contributes to this. It would give you some flexibility, which is what I do. I think this is where what I said in my first post would fit.

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    I think all of Lee's points are really good ones and as I watched, I realized that this is the method I use (unknowingly) to keep myself exercising and practicing music every day. For me, the focus on process goals and allowing for Easy/med/intense efforts have been especially important.

    I've had a lot of difficulty, however, applying this to art and would love other's thoughts on this. When I'm exercising, for example, I can keep repeating routines every day or when I'm practicing music, I can choose three pieces that I'll practice every day and for both exercise and music, focusing on those process goals (30 minutes a day of some level of effort) will eventually produce an outcome goal: by repeating the routine I'll get healthier, and by practicing every day, I'll get so that I can play at least the musical pieces I've been working on well even if it takes a long time. In other words, part of the reason that focusing on process rather than outcomes is good is because the process of repeating routines will lead eventually lead to the desired outcome but keeps your head in the present.

    My problem with art, however, has been that I can't figure out routines or a focus on process that leads anywhere as concrete given the limited time in my day that I have to do art. In other words, I could say, "I need to improve my painting skills so I'm going to use my art time to do watercolor swatches every day," but at the end of a month, I don't have a painting -- I have a bunch of paint swatches. I know that will help me improve my painting but it's still not very satisfying because I haven't created anything. When I only have at the most an hour a day to work on art, it's hard to spend my time practicing painting swatches or drawing 100 hands instead of creating.

    Do you have "routines" that you use to focus on skill development in your art that also lead to a satisfying need to create, especially given limited time to do art? As I said, I really agree with @Lee-White and have found his system really successful for other aspects of my life but am finding art to be a different kind of beast and could use some help figuring out how to focus on skill development and process while still satisfying my need to create something more than paint swatches 🙂

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    Thanks Lee. Another super helpful video. My goal this year is to move forward on applying what I have learned so far to earn a little extra $ and work on my mental health ( my anxiety has increased over past few years to point where I barely leave the house)

    I have a history of making bold plans then not fully being able to achieve them. Then I’ll beat myself up for all my past failures rather than just putting it behind me and starting over afresh, and round and round I go into the downward spiral.

    I was that kid who got 90% in tests but when I got home my parents would say ‘umm where’s the other 10%?’,. It has driven me forward in some ways but I have never learned how to celebrate any success without immediately thinking I should have done better. I like your levels idea - going to try that and see if it helps.

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    @demotlj That's a great question and I can sympathize with your problem. I'm actually talking about that on the podcast we are recording today.

    I do have a few routines that I use for art goals. The biggest one that relates to your problem is I alternate technical goals with more satisfying image creation. You know the saying "necessity is the mother of invention", well that really holds true with making a full illustration. Maybe I don't know how to paint a night scene, but if I NEED to paint a night scene, I'll just dive in and try some stuff out. That is where a massive amount of learning takes place.

    I have a real problem with the idea of only studying technique. It's boring and not very satisfying. So when I'm studying technique, I try to do exercises that relate to the next image I'm trying to make.

    I will add that sometimes you need to take your medicine and do an exercise that is isolated. Like color swatches. But that's a one time thing, just do it and move on. But don't forget to plan the fun painting stuff the same way you plan some technique holes you need to fill. : )

    Hope that helps some.

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