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  • Hello people, my name is Mr.Adolfito and I am a Mexican artist living in Norway. I am quite new to this forum (like 5 minutes old) so im wondering where to start... I am a 43 years old, from Mexico City. worked in animation since 1999 and moved to art in 2006 (art as in painter) and working inside the advertising world with photoshop and illustrator, as a designer, creative management and production. since 1997. and now Im into a process of being a father for the first time so im getting the idea of making some nice stuff for my kid. I like dungeons and dragons, starwars, and mostly all the cartoons, (I can sit and watch cartoons for days without a problem no matter what cartoon is it) Im fat as hell and 4 months ago I decided to go full plant based so I have lost some good amount of weight.

    Im hoping to learn nice stuff here, that's basically who I am so hello guys I hope to get along with you.


  • @Adolfito-Martinez welcome! Based on your experience, I bet you have some serious skills!

  • @Jeremy-Ross thanks for welcoming me, you know about my skills,i don't really have awesome skills, I have been focusing in other parts of the business like selling the projects for example and im very good working with the clients, you can take a look on my stuff in instagram @mradolfito I am good in solving creative problems and in coming with ideas but the execution got rusty a long time ago. I wrote the movies when I was working in animation and most of the times got the concept for the logo, or ad that were working with... and sketch some for someone else to finish it... I got lazy there and spent a long time not practicing the real craft. so now im trying to get it back.

  • Hi Adolfito, welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see some of your work. I checked your instagram, you have an awesome style! Your business experience sounds cool too, I know you mentioned being rusty at the execution of ideas, I was in the same boat. I worked in a youth work setting for a good 10-12 years helping you people explore their creativity very rarely working on my own. About 2 years ago I started to focus on my own illustration again rediscovering skills I learned way back. The monthly SVS contests here on the forum might be a good outlet for you to play around with.

    Congrats on being a father for the first time too πŸ™‚

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    @Adolfito-Martinez hello! Welcome to the forum.

  • @Phil-Cullen I can't wait to start the curses in Svs, I just don't know where to start I feel like a kid in a toy store, you know everything looks amazing. Any advice on where to start? I am a total noob in this world so I really need some guidance. Ive checked your instagram too, nice stuff going on there man, I liked a lot your style. Im giving a workshop to teens about creativity and to create the habit of drawing, and after a couple of classes with them, I noticed that I really need to step up a notch. so here I am.

    thanks for the warm welcome. have an awesome day!

  • Hi, there. Welcome to the forum.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz hello! nice stuff I checked your instagram too, im so nervous I think my lvl of rendering is so low compared to all of you ill be posting my progress but still feel like totally intimidated bout all of you.

  • welcome to the forum! I was a bit all over the place when I started here last year but my advice would be to start with the curriculum. Maybe How to Draw Everything? The perspective stuff is REALLY important to learn and I think there is a bit of perspective stuff in that course but then there is the other two courses just on perspective in LEvel 1. It seems tedious to learn but it is like a super power πŸ™‚
    anyhow have fun!

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    WelcomeπŸ˜ƒ I love your drippy Disney stuff. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • @Adolfito-Martinez Hey Mr.Adolfito! Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum! I joined a month ago and so far it has been great to have monthly prompts and the support from the forums. That's cool that you decided to go on a plant-based diet, I tried to go the opposite way to lose weight haha. I tried ketogenic diet, mainly eating meat and veggies. But when I reintroduced carbs it was a downhill 😞 Anyway, welcome and please share your work! Excited to see what you will add on the forum.

  • @Coley Hey hello, yes Im actually taking how to draw everything and creative composition, It is nice and im trying to get focused into it it will be my goal this year to advance as much as possible. I think that I will have a personal forum tread called Mr.Adolfito Weekly or something like that to push me to post my week work. thanks for the warm welcome!!

  • @xin-li Thanks for the welcome, wow I can't love enough your instagram account!!! Great job I love it. im stationed in Bergen. hyggelig Γ₯ mΓΈte deg πŸ˜‰

  • @Adolfito-Martinez hehe, I did not realize you are in Norway too. Hyggelig. Drop me a line if you happen to be in Oslo. My studio is at BalnkSpace, 5mins walk away from Oslo S.

  • @burvantill Really? thanks a ton its something new I got this year it started as a joke with Donald trump and Donald Duck and it grew to several pieces there are a lot off them that I haven't posted. but I will soon. I loved the Facecloth Dog, amazing.

  • @xin-li Awesome ill totally do that!!! thanks πŸ˜‰

  • @Suji-Park Hey, uff I super miss meat and chicken, im a full plant now and its working but its so hard, mostly cheese, im so into cheese and its so hard.. I will be posting my works. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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