January W.I.P. - First Timer Here

  • "The tracks in the snow were unlike anything Will had ever seen before."

    With the turn of the year, I figured I would stop being a ghost on the SVS forum and start participating in the community. I'll probably get around to an introduction post after I get my feet wet with this thread. Quite pleased to finally pluck up the courage to join you all.

    Jumping right in I was brain storming ideas and sketched up a few thumbnails. I personally have a affinity for F² and G.


    F² seems like it would have plenty of objects effected by snowfall, setting the scene up for better understanding of the tracks. G however establishes a main focus on the tracks, with Will pushed way into the background.

    I saw that @peteolczyk had a similar idea, with grass/plant life popping up from the tracks. Looking forward to seeing your progress with this idea as well.

    Any feedback, opinions, criticism would be greatly appreciated.

  • I am a first time user as well, and I am also participating in this challenge. So far I can say very good start I actually forgot to try this instead. I should have done the thumb nail process first. So far keep up the good work. your process looks amazing and it's very clear to read!

  • @lamecody looking good. It’s cold where I live and everyone’s looking forward to spring at this time of year. So they’re also a bit like tracks of wishful thinking or hope (or something corny like that.) But I’m not actually sure if I’ll finish on time, I’ve got a few jobs that might get in the way.
    Looking forward to see what you do with it too , you’ve got some great ideas👍🙂

  • @lamecody g is my favourite. I would maybe have the characters that inspiring the for prints a little closer

  • @lamecody nice thumbnails! I too like F2

  • SVS OG

    I like these! Are they all flower footprints?

    Something about F2 appeals to me as well. You can see a lot of things and the distance from the viewer is nice. My only question is why he is going slowly enough to see the prints. One misses a lot of things from the car. But if you can convey that part of it, go for it!

    I kind of like A as well, though there's a lot of blank wall space. I might move Will up a tad and make that a bodega on the corner. But it gives the idea that he might turn the corner and find the cause for the prints walking down the street. Also, the contrast of flowers with city would be nice.

    And G is nice, but totally different. It reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes somehow.

  • @lamecody 8 thumbnails just like that! i wish I had this habbit... It looks really cool and fun. I like F2 🙂

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