Graphic Design vs. Visual Development Art

  • Hi forum,
    My name is Jose Galue, I am 33 years old and I've been a graphic designer for the past 5 years. I am lucky enough to have a full-time job that pays well, below some of the graphic design work I've done. (Full portfolio:

    FallMagazine-Spread-01.jpg Events-03.jpg

    However, in January 2017 I took the possibility of becoming an illustrator seriously. I started to take classes here at SVS learning to improve my art during my free time, sometimes as early as 5 am before going to work and others around 7 pm after a full day of work. Now, after 3 years of improvement, I think I now have a visual development artist portfolio, at least I think I do. Below some of the pieces I've done.

    VisDev_page16.jpg VisDev_page15.jpg VisDev_page14.jpg VisDev_page13.jpg VisDev_page12.jpg VisDev_page11.jpg VisDev_page09.jpg VisDev_page07.jpg VisDev_page04.jpg VisDev_page03.jpg

    Full portfolio: (

    My goal is clear, the ideal job is to have a visual development position at a feature film or TV animation studio.

    I know most people here are working on their children's book skills and I've tried some spreads here and there. However, I keep coming back to visual development. There is no longer a confusion where my love is.

    My question for the forum is, what now? I am not ready to quit until I get a job. My portfolio, I assume, will keep evolving with more pieces.

    Is the portfolio ready to start applying? Let me know your experience or opinions.
    Thank you everybody in advance for your time.


  • @josegalue25 said in Graphic Design vs. Visual Development Art:

    I'm no Art director but coming as a Designer myself you are outstanding so far to me. I would apply now with your best work. Start making a list of clients you want to work for and find contacts through Linkedin and connect with people in the Industry.
    Bravo, Im jealous lol

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    @josegalue25 I used to work as an illustrator in the animation and mobile games industry, and I got my first job on a portfolio of far lesser quality than this one! I say go for it! You have nothing to lose by starting the process of looking for work 🙂 I would suggest looking for any open positions at animation and games studios near you. Even a position that's not exactly your goal like color or prop design, can get you in the door and from there you can move up to visual development when an opportunity arises. Good luck!

  • @jthomas thanks for the feedback. Yes, my Linkedin page will have to change to this new identity, I would follow your advice and jump in. Thank you.

    @NessIllustration I've been looking at your work for a while now, it's really good. I like the texture in your brush a lot. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
    Yes, get in the door with an open position is something I've been thinking about a lot, I wasn't sure the portfolio was up for the task.

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    Welcome! Yes, start applying now. I love the octopus image BTW.

  • @josegalue25 Nice! I totally think you should start applying. The worst that can happen is you'd get some good feedback from one of the places where you apply.

    One thing I think you could do is on your website, the images are pretty small. So some of them are really hard to see. I would suggest making them a lot bigger, especially for the vis dev work.

    Keep us posted as to how things go!

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